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Achieve Digital Transformation by SDx and Total Management

"Two types of ICT" and "One-stop Management" required
for Digital Transformation

Enterprises have recently been pursuing management innovation by using ICT technologies such as Software Defined Everything (SDx), cloud, analytics (big data), AI, social media, mobility and sensor to raise their competitiveness. Especially by leveraging digital data through ICT systems, they accelerate "Business Process Innovation" to enhance decision making processes and productivity and "Business Model Creation," to produce new profits.

It can be said that ICT systems determine the success of Digital Transformation.

Combined use of "Two types of ICT" in a well-balanced manner is vital for Digital transformation. "Two types of ICT" include "Secure and Reliable ICT," which has been of high importance, and "Flexible and Agile ICT," which is required for rapid expansion of new businesses and immediate response to market changes.

As combined use of "Secure and Reliable ICT" and "Flexible and Agile ICT" is expanded, many enterprises simultaneously use multiple cloud services and diverse networks depending on their purposes. Enterprise ICT systems are growing in complexity and their workload for operations management is rapidly increasing. They, therefore, need one-stop management to visualize their entire ICT systems and ensure productive operations.

NTT Com's "SDx+M" contributing to Enterprise Digital Transformation

NTT Com offers various solutions by delivery of new services using SD technologies and enhancement of Managed Services. These solutions aim to realize "Flexible and Agile ICT" and "One-stop Productive Operations Management for the entire ICT Environment."

NTT Com deploys SD technologies on the entire ICT environment of customers including not just cloud services (IaaS) but also networks (WAN/LAN/cloud connectivity). Through these efforts, we develop "Flexible and Agile ICT" environments to respond to customer demands for accelerating Digital Transformation.

We offer one-stop management, which fully visualizes the entire systems and effectively manage all the operations. This management covers the entire ICT environment of customers, which is growing in complexity as the use of hybrid- and multi-cloud services is expanding.

NTT Com further enhances and improves the solutions based on the "SDx+M" concept to contribute to customers’ Digital Transformation.

Use Case

Relevant Services

Software-Defined Network Service

In the Software-Defined Network Service, we use overlay technologies to virtually deploy a network over another underlay network of different quality such as VPN and the Internet (e.g., existing network of Arcstar Universal One or OCN). These technologies enable distribution of routes depending on the importance of each traffic and one-stop configuration change for multiple locations.

Software-Defined Exchange Service

In the SD-Exchange Service, we offer on-demand secure connectivity between NTT Com's colocation service (Nexcenter) and cloud services (Enterprise Cloud 2.0) and third party cloud services by using SD technologies. The Service enables easy deployment of IT systems in hybrid- and multi-cloud environment.

Global Management One

These Managed Services realize one-stop full-lifecycle management not just for SDx Services but also all other existing services offered by NTT Com and third parties. Full lifecycle covers definition of requirements, design and operation design, deployment and test, maintenance, operations and configuration changes, and analysis.

Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

CMP is an IT management platform for visualization via optimal views based on each role/purpose of actual users such as CIO, IT manager and end user. With CMP, we offer productive operations management for customers' complicated ICT environments, thereby enhancing their governance.

Relevant Solutions

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Public cloud. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud. Achieve global growth with our world-class cloud infrastructure solutions, secure Internet access and improved business continuity.

Enterprise Application Management

Gain strategic advantage from our world-class cloud and unparalleled ERP experience.

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