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AI Transforming the Way We Do Business

This latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) service resolves operational issues such as labor shortages due to workforce decline or increasingly diverse client contact

Why NTT Com AI?

The NTT Com Difference

In recent years, a rise in customer demand has seen AI used in a variety of ways. Among them, AI functionality used in interactive engines or for big data analytics is contributing to business transformation in all types of industries.

We can help

NTT Com offers a unique solution combining AI technology with the cloud, while image analysis and big data analytics solutions are provided on the IoT Platform.


Communication Engine "COTOHA® API"

Natural Language Processing API service for text analytics, dialogue, and voice recognition based on the technology of NTT R&D over 40 years

Semantic Search Engine "COTOHA Chat & FAQ™"

It is a service that supports customer's problem self-solution by chat conversation and FAQ search.

AI Translation Service
COTOHA® Translator

Our state-of-the-art Artificial Information technology enables the translation service with accuracy, speed, and usability.

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