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We are a solutions company.

As a "DX Enabler™ " that contributes to the realization of customer digital transformation, NTT Communications strives to solve customer's management issues and create a smarter society through the use of ICT.

Through the integration of our global operations on July 2019, we expanded our service menu and expanded our coverage area.

Our Company will support its customers' global businesses with even more sophisticated systems and solutions.

Our strengths

With our end-to-end information and communications technology (ICT) services, we provide safe and secure solutions for your enterprise.


Comprehensive services

Backed by our world-class global infrastructure, we integrate existing systems with new architectures to optimize resources, build more flexible environments and drive innovation.


We’re a recognized industry leader with services and solutions that win awards worldwide.

Research and development

With more than 6,000 researchers and $2.5B invested in R&D, we are heavily invested in tracking current market trends and developing solutions for future-focused enterprises.

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