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Communication Engine "COTOHA® API"

Helping you to develop Apps with better understanding of Japanese language.

You can use COTOHAR® API for all kinds of business use cases that involve the use of Japanese text.

Capable of analyzing text in Japanese language with a high level of accuracy

Leveraging more than 40 years of NTT R&D Technologies and World's best Japanese dictionaries.

APIs that are available for Text Analytics and Virtual Agents.

Utilize unstructured big data for marketing and localize your Apps to support Japanese Language.

Service Overview
Features & Benefits
Use cases

COTOHA® API is API service for text and language analysis, interactive conversation, and voice recognition based on Japanese dictionaries and Natural Language functions developed by NTT R&D over 40 years, as well as other unique functions from COTOHA development.

* Uses corevo.

overview image overview image

The key features of COTOHA® API are its World largest Japanese dictionaries capability, semantic attributes, and context understanding. These features allow for correct, detailed analysis and understanding of Japanese text, making it possible to utilize the API in contexts that were previously impossible within fields such as Japanese sentence structure anaylsis, interactive conversation, and voice recognition.

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COTOHA® API can be used in all kinds of business use cases that involve use of the Japanese language.

Taking advantage of previously unusable and unstructured big data for marketing improvement.

Analysis of unstructured data becomes complicated when you want to use your big data for marketing or other purposes, and most of them left unused without leveraging its valuable resources. Sean01
You can use COTOHA&rei; API to take advantage of big data for marketing by analyzing unstructured data and extracting user attributes. Sean01
Localize your Apps to support Japanese Language using add-ons.

Building multilingual Virtual Assistant needs enormous efforts because of its high-difficulty of learning and analysing Japanese language. Sean01
COTOHA® API can help you in localizing your Virtual Assistant product to support Japanese language, and add spesific features using add-ons. Sean01
You can expand the adaptibility of RPA by detecting and correcting spelling inconsistencies in pre-processing.

You have improved operational efficiency by implementing RPA, but there are a large amount of noise in the file you are about to process, preventing robots from processing the work Sean01
COTOHA® API can remove noise such as spelling inconsistencies to allow robots to process the files. This expands the adaptability of RPA in making its implementation more efficient. Sean01
Implement support systems more efficiently with more precise voice recognition

You have deployed support system using the Robot integrated with subsequent Virtual Assistants or Chat Bots using Voices as input.
However, accuracy of recognition is low, and cost reduction cannot be achieved. Sean01
COTOHA® API can improve the accuracy of voice recognition by identifying and correcting typical recognition mistakes.
By reducing the rate of escalation to human staff, cost reductions are further increased. Sean01

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