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Semantic Search Engine "COTOHA Chat & FAQ™"

Semantic Search Engine COTOHA Chat & FAQ

An AI (artificial intelligence) engine that conducts semantic searches

Interprets the significance of a question, not a key word, and searches for an answer

An analysis function that leads to improvement of contents

Analyses the trend of customers' inquiries based on search histories

Possible to make a variety of UI/each type of SNS linkage

With a wide range of introducing environments, possible to find a way of use depending on needs

Possible to introduce in a short period

For example, adding several lines of JavaScript to an existing web site enables the use.

Overview of Service
Use scene

COTOHA Chat & FAQ understands the "significance" of natural sentences input by the user, searches the database for an appropriate question and answer. Then the results are displayed on the web site which helps customers and operators solve problems. Adding only several lines of JavaScript on a web site enables communication with customers in the form of a chat.


COTOHA Chat & FAQ understands the significanceof sentences in the form of chat, searches the database for an appropriate question and answer, displays the results, and helps customers solve problems.
COTOHA Chat & FAQ has the following advantages.

①Semantic search function

  • Understands not only the expressions based on words but also the significance of an input natural sentence, searches the database for an appropriate question and answer, and displays the results. (e.g. cancel/retract)
  • Possible to distinguish significant information based on context even if a word has two or more meanings. (ex. Does "right" mean direction or correct?)
1.“Semantic Search Engine”

②Management and Analysis Function
  • Possible to analyze the trends of inquiries from customers based on search histories.
  • Analyses the cases in which there is no answer in the database of frequently searched questions by the customers, and for which there are no previous search results so that contents can be improved.
2.Management & Analysis  functions

③A variety of UIand connection with SNS
  • Rich front end functions for end users, including chat bot, FAQ search, avatar (selectable), inquiry form, etc.
  • Connection with SNS possible
3.Various UI/ Other companies product cooperation

④Possible to introduce in a short period
  • No need to add tags to contents or to generate pages. For example, adding several lines of JavaScript in an existing web page.
  • Possible to introduce in about one month at the shortest. *Varies depending on the amount of FAQ contents and type of environment.
4.Short-term setup

Scene 1Supports Customer’s FAQ Search

Scene 2Questions and Answers About Internal Operations
Scene 1Supports Customer’s FAQ Search

Scene 2Questions and Answers About Internal Operations
Show me how to make a new application.

You need to submit an application form in order to make an application. For information on how to submit a form, please ask our sales representative. If you do not know who our sales representative is, use the yellow inquiry form at the bottom right-hand side of the page to make an inquiry.

Do you have any minimum use period?

12 months from the starting from the day you first begin to use the service.

How long will it take to start the service?

It can be introduced within one month at the shortest. This depends on the options selected by the customer as well as the amount of FAQs that will be registered.

Do you contact us when you start construction or when there is trouble?

Please follow the instructions below to set preferences for notifications via email at the time of construction or trouble. Customers should access the customers' support site, acquire a Customer Support ID, register to My Support, and select the settings for the distribution of Construction Information Emails and Trouble Information Emails.

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