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Cloud Management Platform(CMP)



Corporate information and communications technology (ICT) environments are subject to constant change. These changes are driven by the complexities of doing business in a global marketplace, the need to respond quickly to growth opportunities such as M&As, and the constant daily demands of end-users who are focused on generating business. Our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is ideally suited to helping you navigate and respond to fast changing business environments.

CMP Benefits

CMP enables you to discover and visualize all cloud assets in a single view, providing the insight needed for effective strategic planning and governance. Customizable dashboard views give individual users filtered access to key performance metrics for fast decision making. The CMP also provides access to and management of flexible managed services enabling you to deliver IT as a service.

Features and Benefits

Use cases

CMP Service Overview

Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provides efficient control and management of cloud services from NTT Communications and from external cloud service providers. CMP gives you single-pane-of-glass visualization, resource management, and IT governance for your ICT infrastructures.

Main features of CMP

Resource management

The CMP gives access to status, usage, and cost control metrics, by department or application. Resource data is gathered from various cloud solutions, with flexible configuration of control information, such as by division or utilization.


CMP widgets enable you to visualize cost information from various cloud services and solutions, in addition to usage status of servers, networks, and compute resources, enabling you to optimize your ICT environment.

Solution view

Management views showing the health of systems and operations, grouped by service (IaaS/SaaS), are easily implemented.

IT governance

Integrate ICT environment procurement processes by providing service catalogs and procedural application workflows, with deployment based on CMP templates restricted by a user’s security level.


Introduction to the features of CMP

CMP Benefits

The CMP enables greater IT governance, improved agility and speed, and supports an open ecosystem.


IT Governance

Detailed visualization of you ICT environment enables total management optimization.

Agility and speed

Agility and speed

Real-time information from your ICT environment and access to software-defined services give you the flexibility to accelerate the speed of business.

Open ecosystem

Open ecosystem

Contribute to optimize your environment by providing views which forms views, connectors, and control views.

Use cases



Globalization increases the complexity of ICT environments.

Our answer

Visualizing all cloud services and solutions, with trend analysis data, enables more effective control and strategic planning.


Agility and speed
Agility and speed


The pace of business is accelerating, with greater growth opportunities such as M&As.

Our answer

Quickly understand the scope of ICT in M&A business opportunities


Open ecosystem
Open ecosystem


Variety of ICT environment needs followed by generating businesses

Our answer

Optimization of ICT environment


ICT management use case with CMP and managed services

CMP maximizes the cost-effectiveness of IT investments by enabling total visualization of enterprise software-defined infrastructures. CMP, combined with NTT Communications managed services, supports flexible ICT management and can monitor outage status and resolve security incidents.

Supported cloud service providers

CMP offers a single view into an organization’s cloud services, from the NTT group and from external cloud service providers, encompassing hybrid cloud, private cloud, on-premise, bare-metal, SaaS services, and third-party software provider solutions.

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