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IT Managed Services

One contract. One SLA. One management portal. Our end-to-end next generation managed services deliver global IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to energize your business, reduce your costs and speed your digital transformation journey.

Flexible outsourcing that conforms to your needs, with a standardized catalog of IT services and your choice of delivery models.

Seamless global deployment and management of business applications from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and more.

Comprehensive managed services for every element of your IT infrastructure, featuring advanced automation to optimize use of resources and ensure quality of service.

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Global Management One offers one-stop, seamless IT management services (ITM) for your entire IT ecosystem. Benefiting from our global presence, we can provide remote infrastructure management (RIM) service and service desk functionality, worldwide. The services are available from an integrated platform that extends to your IT systems in cloud environments, data centers and your premises.

In addition to WAN and LAN management, we provide managed services for cloud infrastructure, databases, middleware, core business applications and end-user compute services. Our portfolio of services is based on standardized building blocks and industry best practices for IT service management.

Network Management Services

LAN Management Services

Global Management One manages customers' LAN devices, e.g. router, switch, firewall, load balancer, wireless controller, wireless access point, etc. as part of LAN management service.

Gateway Services

Network Optimization Services

Global Management One manages customers' WPA (WAN Performance Accelerator) as part of Managed WPA service. It supports customers to optimize the network traffic.

3rd Party Carrier Management

Global Management One provides unified management of NTT Com's network services together with monitoring and operation of network provided by 3rd party carriers. It enables to manage overall customers' network environment.

Data Center Services

Managed Colocation Services

Data Management and Transformation Services

Managed SAN / Managed NAS

Global Management One manages customers' storage as part of Managed SAN / Managed NAS services.

Backup / Restore Services

Application and Platform Services

Managed AWS

Global Management One provides remote monitoring and management of AWS infrastructure.
One of the key features which Global Management One provides is fully automated monitoring and troubleshooting of customers' solution towers on AWS.

Managed Operating Systems (Windows / Linux)

Global Management One manages customers' Windows Server OS and Linux OS as part of Managed OS service.

Managed Oracle

Global Management One provides proactive health and performance monitoring and remote management of a customer’s Oracle database environment.

Managed SQL Server

Global Management One provides proactive health and performance monitoring and remote management of customers' MS SQL environment.

Managed MySQL and Postgres

Managed HANA

To provide Managed Service for HANA including DB Monitoring, backup and restore.

Managed Apache / Tomcat / IIS

Global Management One provides proactive health and performance monitoring and remote management of customers' Apache, Tomcat and IIS environment.

Managed SAP Basis

To provide comprehensive managed service at SAP Basis Level including Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Change management, patches application and backup.

Managed VMware ESX

Global Management One provides proactive health and performance monitoring and remote management of customers' VMware ESX servers.

Managed Microsoft Active Directory

Global Management One provides proactive health and performance monitoring and remote management of a customer’s Active Directory environment.

Workplace Services

On Premises System Management Services

End User Compute Services

Global Management One Helpdesk Service provides Single Point of Contact for customers' IT managers as well as the end users. It also supports multiple languages e.g. English, Japanese, Chinese etc.
Monthly service review report shows history of ticket information, service requests, incidents and escalation management.

Remote Access Services

Managed Exchange

Global Management One manages customers' mail environment, e.g. mail servers and exchange as part of Managed Exchange Service.

Telephony Services

Managed UCaaS Service provides end-to-end management, i.e. SPOC (Single Point of Contact) function. It covers UCaaS platform, WAN (Arcstar Universal One), CE routers (UNO-T) and LAN equipment including routers, switches, voice gateway routers, voice gateway and IP phones.
This service is available worldwide where IP reachable.

Service Desk

Multilingual Service Desk

Security Services

Managed Firewall

Global Management One provides security device management only.
It won't cover a security risk analysis, but WideAngle does.

IT Governance and Consulting Services

IT Strategy Consulting Services

Global Management One IT Consulting service will investigate IT resource to assemble configuration management information, access IT infrastructure and investigate TCO. The procedure is designed based on customer's requirement and target systems / technologies. NTT Com will also utilize survey tool for gathering information and aggregating data.

Inventory Management Services

Network Monitoring and Analysis

AppMaster service provides not only general traffic utilization but also high-precision analyzed data inside the customers' WAN network, e.g. type of application, origination and destination of the traffic, etc.. Customers' IT managers will get visibility on cusotmers' web portal. The detail traffic data will help customers' IT management teams to find problems of the application flow, and enable them to take necessary actions to resolve the issues.

Global Management One (GMOne) Case Studies

Case Study 4: Optimization and integration of ICT Help Desk Operation

Customer Background
The ICT environment has grown complexed due to the increase of global branch number and hybrid cloud.
Customer desires to change the supporting system at the point of migration of on-premises to cloud system (Office 365) and Windows 10.

  • Lack of resources in the IT Department
  • Increase number of non-IT experts requiring supports
  • Increase of the in-house inquiry due to the migration of Windows 10/Office 365
  • Needs to quickly respond to the security incidents and troubles
  • Can not take control of PC management because the oversea branch situation is unclear
  • Centralization of IT inquiry
  • Quick resolution with the rich knowledge NTT Communications has fostered
  • Optimize the resource management by using the Operation Management Platform
  • Strengthen the security and governance in all branches
  • Effectively cover the whole ICT environment by connecting with the operation and monitoring of Global Management One service
Optimization and integration of ICT Help Desk Operation
Case Study 5: Manage Legacy Systems and Plot a Migration Path to the Cloud

Customer Background
Many components of the customer’s IT environment had passed end-of-life, and the customer’s managed services provider was raising prices and reducing service levels. The customer wanted to upgrade to a cloud based solution, but quickly got bogged down with different technologies, migration planning and budget problems. It quickly became apparent that the customer needed to keep the current systems running while planning a phased migration to the cloud.

Customer Goals
  • Keep the current EOL systems viable. Including: Linux, Oracle, MySQL, Websphere.
  • Ongoing system tuning and application optimization in response to user community demands.
  • Migrate to a cloud based system.

The Global Management One Solution
The GMOne team quickly addressed the customer’s need for legacy application monitoring and problem resolution. In fact, one of the most noticeable benefits to the customer’s IT group was a dramatic reduction in the number of customer complaints.
GMOne improved response times, ticket resolution and service requests, with turnaround times up to 40 percent faster than the prior managed services vendor. In addition, a backlog of unresolved support requests was eliminated within the first 30 days.
With the GMOne team in place, the customer was able to free IT resources for more strategic projects. Because of this, the company plans to move their applications to the cloud faster than anticipated.

Case Studies (PDF 361KB)
Case Study 6: Support Global Expansion Into New Markets

Customer Background
The customer forecast long term market opportunities in Asia and launched aggressive plans to grow rapidly in the region. However, their expansion plans outpaced their ability to ramp up IT staff, and they turned to Global Management One to augment their in-house capabilities.

Customer Goals
  • Standardized services across geographic regions.
  • Operations compliant with USFDA GxP regulations.
  • Pay-as-you-go utility contracting.

The Global Management One Solution
Our in-region GMOne team worked with the customer to provide data center design and build services for the customer’s server farm. The server farm was collocated in our Singapore Data Center. A disaster recovery site was established in our Malaysia data center and eventually additional environments were brought online in the US and the UK.
We provided a single point of contact global service desk for all customer requests.
Services were provided on a zero-baseline contract, giving the customer complete control over spending.
Managed services were provided on a standardized rate-card and operations were fully compliant with USFDA GxP regulations.

Case Studies (PDF 361KB)

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