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Enterprise Private Network Extend your VPN with high-quality global network services offering coverage in over 190 countries/regions.

Converged Connect anything, anywhere, anytime through our innovative enterprise network solutions.

Secure Increase enterprise network security and improve compliance with cost effective, easy to manage cloud-based network services.

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Quality Driven

NTTCom's global VPN provides a one-stop shop for enterprise network services in over 190 countries/regions. Thanks to close partnerships with service providers worldwide, we can maintain high service quality worldwide, helping you stay connected around the globe.

Local Access Quality

We are a leader in carrier management, where we are continually working with partners to enhance local access quality.  We also regularly host the Arcstar Carrier Forum, an ongoing quality improvement program involving our global partners.

Award-Winning Service

Our VPN service has received the highest customer satisfaction rating from the UK marketing services firm Ocean82, Ltd. for the sixth consecutive time. The selection is based on predicted organic growth and overall customer satisfaction. According to Ocean82, NTT Com is the No.1 global provider of data VPN services, achieving the highest positioning score in the latest study of user opinion in the worldwide business enterprise market.

SD-WAN Service Portfolio

Global business environments are changing quickly for the enterprise, driving rapid transformation in IT network strategies. NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio offers enterprise customers solutions designed to support their global network requirements and is available today in over 190 countries/regions.

NTT SD-WAN services transform the way networks are designed and built by leveraging the industry’s leading global SD-WAN platform to deliver a next generation WAN solution with application-awareness, optimized MPLS, Internet, or hybrid connectivity networking, fully integrated security and application acceleration services to optimize the user experience.

NTT’s SD-WAN platform is based on a groundbreaking architecture with 100% global software defined network for overlay services. The platform is locally distributed around the world via 75+ local cloud centers (LCCs), optimized for network, mobility, and security services. NTT’s software defined network allows customers to have a more flexible and agile global network. Customers can activate new services in minutes and can consume services in flexible ways, including innovative pay-per-use models.

Visit our SD-WAN Services Portfolio page to learn more about the values of software-defined networking.

Features and Specifications

Global MPLS

NTTCom's global MPLS offers Layer 3 IP-based MPLS and Layer 2 Ethernet-based VPLS providing performance, agility, security and availability for customers in both developed and developing markets in 190 countries/regions around the globe.

Arcstar Universal One Global Network

We offer service grades to meet a variety of needs.

  • Premium
    Premium quality and reliability, with redundant, bandwidth-guaranteed access lines. Recommended for datacenters and critical networks.

  • Business
    A highly reliable network, with bandwidth-guaranteed access line and a best-effort access line as backup. Recommended for mission-critical sites.

  • Standard
    Balancing quality and cost effectiveness, with bandwidth-guaranteed access. No backup lines provided.

  • Light
    Recommended for small offices, our low-cost plan uses best-effort access. No backup lines provided.
Internet VPN

NTTCom's Internet VPN consolidates MPLS and Internet-based networks into a single, end-to-end, managed hybrid network. Corporate network traffic can use the MPLS, Internet VPN or both, simultaneously. For example, restricting critical data, ERP and financial application traffic to MPLS and using Internet VPN for email, web and non-critical data.

Node-to-Node Traffic Acceleration

Interconnecting Cloud and Cloud-based Network Services

The Internet VPN hybrid network offers any-to-any communication, enabling you to interconnect multiple sites, including Enterprise Cloud hosted private clouds and third-party cloud services, like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. It also provides seamless connectivity to our cloud-based, software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) enabled network services.

Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networking (DMVPN)

NTTCom's Internet VPN uses Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networking (DMVPN) technology, with globally distributed DMVPN controllers integrated into our MPLS backbone. DMVPN is a tunneling technology that brings flexibility, scalability and discoverability to any-to-any network connections. The technology can be combined with IPSEC encryption for increased security. DMVPN enables you to optimize performance, throughput and latency for any-to-any communication between any site (“site-to-site” traffic).


NTTCom's Internet VPN turns the Internet into a cost-effective network transport. The technology supports any Internet access option, including Internet Service Providers (ISP) that use cost-effective dynamic IP addresses.

LAN management

Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your LAN with NTTCom's LAN Management. LAN Management gives you a global, end-to-end managed solution from your LAN to the WAN.

With our consolidated, automated LAN management platform, we manage all of your LAN routers, LAN switches, firewalls, wireless LANs, load balancers, WAN optimizers — WAN Performance Accelerator (WPA) — and more.

LAN management
Arcstar Universal One Virtual

Arcstar Universal One Virtual is a flexible overlay VPN for enterprise users, delivering rapid network connectivity at low-cost. The service is provisioned instantaneously through a web-based portal. 


No network setting changes. The Arcstar Universal One Virtual overlay network is applied to existing settings to avoid overlapping IP addresses between each location.
Connect to enterprise networks directly from your mobile device or PC. Arcstar Universal One Virtual uses a dedicated app, eliminating the need for special carrier devices and gateways. Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices supported.


When using our adapter, simply connect it to the internet router at your site. For mobile devices, install the application on your own devices and promptly access enterprise networks or the cloud.
Simple, 24/7 management access through a web-based portal.


A flexible low-cost solution that fits your budget.

Service Coverage

  Application Adapter
Japan Available Available
Hong Kong Available Available
Singapore Available Available
Philippines Available Available
Thailand Available Available
Vietnam Available Not Available
Taiwan Available Available
Australia Available Not Available
Korea Available Not Available
India Available Not Available
Malaysia Available Not Available
Indonesia Available Not Available
England Available Available
Germany Available Available
Netherlands Available Available
Switzerland Available Available
Belgium Available Available
Italia Available Available
Spain Available Available
Sweden Available Available
Poland Available Available
Turkey Available Not Available
South Africa Available Not Available
USA Available Available
Canada Available Available
Mexico Available Not Available
Brazil Available Not Available

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