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Promoting Group-wide Health and Productivity Management to Motivate Employees to Change their Own Behavior

Mental and physical disorders can lower concentration and motivation, consequently having a negative impact on overall business performance. Health and productivity management has therefore become a key issue for companies. We hope to invigorate the entire Group by promoting employee health.

Akiko Kubo Project Manager, Human Resources

Akiko Kubo
Project Manager, Human Resources

Creating a Mechanism that Encourages Health Action by Individuals

Out of the eight major companies of the NTT Group in fiscal 2018, NTT Communications had the highest percentage of employees aged 40 or older who were at risk of developing lifestyle diseases. To address this situation, we have undertaken a variety of actions to raise employee awareness of health. Examples include our Group-wide seminars on weight loss methods, led by personal fitness trainers, and events for measuring visceral fat. While these measures led to raising employee awareness for a while, they were not effective enough to change the behavior of most. We therefore decided to focus on creating mechanisms that would encourage employees to take the initiative to act for fitness, guided by the clear goal of bringing employees currently at risk of developing mental and physical disorders up to a certain level of good health and preventing those who have reached one of those levels from falling back into risk.

Holding Com-Walk 2019 as a Group-wide Effort to Improve Health

One effective measure was the Com-Walk 2019 held in November 2019. We conducted a creative effort to get employees to take action on their own by using NTT Group’s ICT services. Also, we designed programs to encourage teams to pursue fitness by designating award categories for organizations such as divisions and companies, including awards for participation rate and average step counts, in addition to award categories for individuals.
Furthermore, we set a relatively high goal of 8,000 steps per day and raised the motivation of participants by allowing them to keep track of their ranking on a smartphone app at their own convenience.
Health awareness rose during the campaign, and we received feedback from employees indicating they had begun to moderate their drinking habits or switch to walking longer routes to work. We achieved a certain level of success with Com-Walk, and since it has been pointed out that employees are getting less exercise amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we intend to continue this campaign in the coming years.
If employees can maintain their mental and physical fitness, labor productivity will likely improve. We will therefore continue to pursue initiatives that support health management to become a company in which employees can continue to work in a healthy, cheerful, and vibrant way.

Results of Com-Walk 2019
Results of Com-Walk 2019 The Finance Division received bags of Healthy Rice as the winner of the participation rate award. The Finance Division received bags of Healthy Rice as the winner of the participation rate award.

NTT Communications’Actions toward the SDGs

The NTT Communications Group contributes to achieving the SDGs by making extensive use of ICT to provide innovative services while continuously taking on challenges with a firm eye on what lies ahead.


    By continuously practicing health management, we can boost the mental and physical fitness of our employees and cultivate awareness. This will reduce the risks of lifestyle diseases and unexpected sick leaves and also lead to boosting concentration and motivation.


    Internal events open to all employees and temporary employees, including organization heads as well as managers of each company and organization, cultivate a sense of unity while also fostering awareness of gender equality among employees.

Contribution to SDGs through Health and Productivity Management


    Establishing a workplace environment where employees can work in a healthy, cheerful, and vigorous manner will lower the employee turnover rate and maintain our workforce while also raising their productivity. This will cultivate the foundation for sustainable corporate development.

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