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Effectively Using Internal Assets to Invigorate and Facilitate Communication

Individuals with diverse personalities, attributes, and beliefs constitute the human resources of the company. We are implementing working style reform that respects each individual to create a diversified workplace environment in which every employee can fully demonstrate their talents and ultimately contribute to society.

Shohei Iwakura Planning, Human Resources

Shohei Iwakura
Planning, Human Resources

Promoting Working Style Reform in Gradual, Consistent Steps

Vigorous, smooth communication is essential for developing a workplace environment in which employees with different backgrounds can respect each other and fully demonstrate their talents.
Our Human Resources Department spearheads initiatives linking key internal assets with human resources to encourage creative ideas and generate new value through interaction among diverse personnel that transcends existing frameworks.For example, we conduct in-house contests related to decoding security encryptions and IoT under the theme of “Humans × Technology,” which draws competitors from Group companies to take on challenges during their free time. These efforts not only promote lateral relationships across business divisions, which had been a persistent challenge, but also lead to personal growth.
Meanwhile, our “Humans × Rugby”projects have advanced health management and broadened exchanges between employees’ families and the local community.

“Realizing Diverse Working Styles for Diverse Human Resources

We are already seeing the results of measures that we implemented under the “Humans × Office” concept, which took advantage of the relocation of our headquarters.
We created a vast space on the 28th floor, dubbed the “Garage,” with an area of 1,650 m2 that is being used for events and seminars that employees themselves plan and organize to enhance their knowledge.
As a result, more opportunities are available for employees to exchange information internally and externally, which raises expectations for ultimately generating new synergies.
We are working to realize a variety of working styles for diverse human resources by effectively deploying our assets with an emphasis on respecting human resources and through work style reform, including the expansion in our teleworking system, and diversity promotion through such actions as LGBT-themed events.
In the process, we are invigorating the company as we seek new ways for achieving further success for our ICT solutions business that would contribute to a sustainable society.

Hands-on seminar by Digi Com Hands-on seminar by Digi Com
MaPaSunday MaPaSunday
Stand-up meeting Stand-up meeting

NTT Communications’Actions toward the SDGs

The NTT Communications Group contributes to achieving the SDGs by making extensive use of ICT to provide innovative services while continuously taking on challenges with a firm eye on what lies ahead.

  • As part of developing our workplace environment, we are creating and instilling a corporate culture in which a varied group of personnel can vigorously demonstrate their abilities through such efforts as holding events for more clearly understanding LGBT issues.

  • Acquiring broader knowledge and curiosity through active communication can increase employee motivation and enhance their abilities.
    In addition, providing support for a wide range of working styles, including teleworking, is beneficial to achieving a work-life balance and boosting morale.

Contributing to the SDGs by Developing the Office Environment

  • The office environment of NTT Communications is even open to other companies, which is conducive to generating further synergies.
    We will actively share current challenges with companies inside and outside the Group in our ongoing bid to create new solutions founded on advanced ICT services.

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