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Applying ICT to Protect People and Companies from Natural Disasters and Providing Safe and Secure Environments

Humankind’s social, economic, and environmental systems are rapidly changing, continuously increasing the contributions of ICT as well as public expectations. As an innovative corporate group, we are taking on the challenge of realizing a sustainable society.

Takeru Miura Manager, Corporate Sales Department Solution Business Division<br>NTT Resonant Incorporated

Takeru Miura
Manager, Corporate Sales Department
Solution Business Division
NTT Resonant Incorporated

ICT Tools to Confirm the Safety of Individuals during Disasters

The massive damage caused by frequent natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons not only disrupts daily activities and corporate operations but also threatens our very lives.
NTT Resonant, Inc., a member of the NTT Communications Group, was reminded of the vital role of communications during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 and renewed its efforts to provide disaster-prevention solutions for protecting lives and bolstering the ability of companies to develop effective business continuity plans.
We began in 2012 by working with NTT and national broadcaster NHK to set up the J-anpi site, which continues to operate today by searching for information on the safety of individuals.
We facilitated the confirmation of safety of individuals even in areas where phone service had been disrupted. This we did by linking our service with disaster messaging boards operated by telecommunication carriers and safety information gathered by local governments.
The number of J-anpi registrations has increased tenfold since the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016.

ICT Tools to Confirm the Safety of Individuals during Disasters

Disaster Prevention Apps that Protect and Support People and Companies

In 2014, we used the contents and know-how of the goo portal site to launch the goo Bosai App, a free comprehensive disaster prevention portal app.
Upon request from local governments, the app was customized to create specialized disaster prevention apps for local governments that gather information for specific regions, thereby contributing to the safety and security of local communities.
We also launched a project to distribute disaster prevention information to signage systems at public facilities. In addition, we set up Disaster Response Management, a solution that combines the disaster prevention app with a Web-based system as a BCP measure for companies, and we assist in the continuation and recovery of operations in the event of a disaster.
We will continue to develop disaster prevention systems based on ICT toward our goal of turning disaster-prone Japan into the world’s safest country.

Osaka City Disaster Prevention App

The app broadly delivers information from the city to prepare for tsunamis that may be caused by the Nankai Trough Mega Earthquake and the flooding of rivers and landside waters following heavy rains.

Osaka City Disaster Prevention App

Sukumo City Disaster Prevention App

The app is linked to the government emergency radio system and conveys text-based information, enabling people in areas with poor radio reception to receive information.

Sukumo City Disaster Prevention App

NTT Communications’ Actions toward the SDGs

The NTT Communications Group contributes to achieving the SDGs by making extensive use of ICT to provide innovative services while continuously taking on challenges with a firm eye on what lies ahead.

Contributing to the SDGs through IoT and Cloud Solutions

  • IoT has made it possible to collect data that could not be gathered in the past. By using the cloud, which enables storing and analyzing vast amounts of data without using our own server, we can generate new services, products, and ideas for using goods.

  • We are building an infrastructure for the quick delivery of disaster-related information to as many people as possible by utilizing disaster prevention apps and digital signage in towns. Once 5G is introduced, we will strive to provide services that lead to greater security and safety by utilizing this high-speed, large capacity and massive machine-type communication environment.

  • We will contribute to realizing greater public security and safety based on advanced ICT. In addition to collaborations within the NTT Group, we will share information and issues with local governments and other companies to advance our initiatives for disaster prevention.

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