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Cultivating High-level Experts to Lead Our Cyber Security Measures in the ICT-based Society

Amid the global advance of the ICT-based society, threats to cyber security are rising for individuals and companies alike.
NTT Communications will help realize a sustainable society through the construction of a safe and secure network infrastructure.

Nobumitsu Takeuchi.Director, CSIRT Operations,Information Security Division

Nobumitsu Takeuchi
Director, CSIRT Operations,
Information Security Division

Establishing a New Company for Cultivating Top Security Experts

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications estimates that the current absolute lack of experts to handle security risks faces a deepening shortage that will exceed 190,000 by 2020.
The need to address this is particularly urgent with regard to international sports events that are expected to become targets of cyber attacks.
In the fall of 2014, the NTT Group announced its policy to cultivate 10,000 security experts for the Group by 2020.
NTT Communications has also been strengthening its efforts to cultivate security experts, led by our internal CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team).
In January 2019, we worked to shorten the training period for high-level personnel by jointly establishing NF Laboratories Inc.
with FFRI, Inc., which boasts advanced technologies in cyber security.

Estimates of Shortage in Information Security Experts
Estimates of Shortage in Information Security Experts

Addressing the Pressing Social Need to Counter the Threat of Cyber Attacks while also Expanding Business

In 2018, even prior to establishing the new company, we had been working with FFRI to develop content and cultivate lecturers for seminars on advanced security technology such as malware analysis and reverse engineering. NF Laboratories Inc. became fully operative in April 2019.
We are currently training internal personnel to become experts capable of handling various security incidents, and we plan to expand the program to NTT Group companies and gather diverse personnel to accomplish this mission.
As various sectors express concern over the shortage of and difficulty in hiring security personnel, we will be required to continue producing security experts beyond 2020.
In addition to consistently expanding our security services and solutions business, we will supply personnel to enterprises and government institutions as our contribution to resolving the pressing social issue of countering the threat of cyber attacks.

NTT Communications’Actions toward the SDGs

The NTT Communications Group contributes to achieving the SDGs by making extensive use of ICT to provide innovative services while continuously taking on challenges with a firm eye on what lies ahead.

  • We seek to strengthen the foundation for a continuously evolving ICT industry by providing advanced security services to construct and guarantee the reliability of a safe and secure information communication network infrastructure while also supporting future innovations.

  • As a company that provides global ICT services, we will protect the network infrastructure from increasingly advanced and sophisticated cyber attacks and serve as the deterrence to significantly reduce the risks to the sustainable growth of the ICT society.

Contributing to the SDGs by Strengthening Information Security

  • Our global ICT services and solutions founded on robust information security technologies sustain the daily operation of safe and secure networks that are accessible from anywhere in the world, thereby reducing the international digital divide.

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