Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M

Global M2M One global SIM, machine-to-machine network coverage in around 200 countries and regions.

Secure Secure global machine-to-machine transmission through networks isolated from the Internet.

Manageable Efficiently global manage M2M service from a single customer portal for smoother operations.

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Global M2M Coverage
Global SIM
Secure Communication
Management Portal

If you need global or cross-border machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, then our Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M network is vital for your business. Our data and SMS services are available in around 200 countries and regions through our partner networks.

The type of wireless technology and network speed will depend on partner capabilities.

Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M Solution Global mobile networks

One SIM for all mobile networks simplifies deployment and management of your global M2M business.
Different industries have different needs, so we offer two types of SIM cards: a plastic SIM and a chip SIM. Both SIMs are designed for all M2M applications, including applications subject to harsh environmental conditions.

Reinforced Plastic Mini SIM

  • Size: 15mm x 25mm
  • Temperature: - 40°C/+105°C
  • Benefits: Plug-in SIM, easy to replace

Industrial Chip Embedded SIM

  • Size: 5mm x 6mm
  • Temperature: - 40°C/+125°C
  • Benefits: Smaller footprint, secured through physical integration (i.e., soldered on) with the devices

Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M connects your mobile-equipped devices to our cloud through our partner networks. Data from mobile terminal devices is securely transmitted without going through the Internet.

Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M Solution Secured Communication

Our web-based business portal shows you SIM status information, including status change date and traffic logs.

The portal simplifies machine-to-machine operations and enables you to efficiently manage M2M. It also shows the operational characteristics of Arcstar Universal One and our other cloud solutions.

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