Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Faster Page Loading Performance optimized, geographically near-by cache servers improve end user’s experience.

Consistent User Experience Minimizes the impact of traffic spikes and provides a consistent experience for users.

Global Cache CDN servers are located around the globe, reducing the transmission distance to users.

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Stabilize Demand
Lower Costs

Reduce the burden of delivering high-value, high-bandwidth web content to any browser in the world. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) service uses a performance-optimized network of cache servers to send web data to your end-users from geographically optimal network locations. This eases demand on your web servers and increases overall system performance.

Our CDN servers are located around the globe, reducing the transmission distance to users. The servers are designed to support and quickly deliver a wide variety of content including streaming video, B2B applications and more. Delivery to China is also available.

Performing website updates and posting high demand content often causes spikes in end-user access to you website. This inevitably affects the web server and can cause slow load times that potentially impact web server availability. With a CDN, you offload demand to our cache servers, minimizing the impact of traffic spikes on your web servers and providing a consistent experience for users.

With our CDN, content is delivered from performance-optimized cache servers, not from your web servers. This reduces the load on your local servers and networks, lowering infrastructure costs.

Use Case 1: Global Website Consolidation

Maintaining websites in multiple countries can lead to increasing costs and decentralized content. Using our CDN you can centralize control of your website content, making it easier to maintain, and reduce the cost of hosting in different countries, while continuing to serve content globally.

Our CDN with Web Acceleration streams content globally at high-speeds to a wide variety of device types, without worrying about support for each device configuration.

Use Case 2: Multi-Device Streaming

Satisfying growing demand from smart device users means providing different content streams for each device type, but this raises configuration and maintenance complexity.

Using our CDN Video Acceleration, delivering content to multiple device types is simple and efficient.

CDN Service Components

Web Acceleration

Web Acceleration improves page load times for visitors to your website. It also decreases the traffic to your server. This greatly improves the download speed of your website and enhances your user’s web browsing experience.

Video Acceleration

Video Acceleration speeds up on-demand video downloads and streaming. Regardless of how many viewers are simultaneously accessing the streams, a CDN will add stability to your environment and optimize delivery of content for a wide variety of different devices.

Application Acceleration

Application Acceleration improves the connection speed of server-based services and B2B applications, including Internet VPN. This is especially true if the application is used globally.

Management Options

We provide a wide range of options in addition to content acceleration features.

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