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L'Occitane (Far East) Limited

Providing the technology backbone for accelerating retail

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L'Occitane (Far East) Limited
  • Establish reliable business communications and data transmission
  • Strengthen local network connectivity to support its communications and data management needs
  • Seamless ICT solutions with data center services and locally-managed SecureNet IP-VPN Connectivity
  • Highly secure and robust data center environment for critical business data
  • SecureNet IP-VPN ensuring efficient communications within company's business network


Becoming more responsive to dynamic needs

L'Occitane built its success on having an acute understanding of market needs. The global, natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being product manufacturer and retailer, relies on strong business communications and information management to gain insights into new demands.

With Asia becoming an increasingly important market, L'Occitane was looking to improve its ability to respond to new demands in the region.
With over 30 retail branches in Hong Kong and Macau, the company needed to support its supply chain management and eliminate dead inventory. With retail competition reaching a feverish pace, the manufacturing and retail company wanted to ensure its continued success through its data strategy, improved communications and effective collaborations.

For the company's Infrastructure Services Department located in Hong Kong, the answer was just not about finding the right products and services.
Instead, it wanted a reliable partner who was able to provide a seamless ICT infrastructure to keep pace with its growing demands, while catering to daily operational and infrastructure needs. They found their answer with NTT Communications.


Building a retail advantage with a seamless ICT solution approach

NTT Communications' seamless ICT solution combines the company's world-class data center services together with SecureNet IP-VPN, managed locally by wholly-owned subsidiary HKNet, and hosting services.

Efficient Data Management: Since data was generated from L'Occitane different business touch points, the company was collating and storing all the various data in a secure location. NTT Communications Hong Kong Data Center, a Tier III+ fully redundant infrastructure provided a highly secure and robust environment for managing and housing critical business data.

Improved Communications: SecureNet MPLS IP-VPN service offered a secure and fast point-to-multipoint communication linkage among the L'Occitane extensive branches in Hong Kong, supporting the need for faster and responsive business communications.


Honing retail competitive edge in a dynamic market landscape

As a global retailer with extensive branch outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, L'Occitane relied on having accurate and real time data for quick decision making and efficient supply chain management. NTT Communications' seamless ICT solution offered a holistic approach to improve data management, sharing and reliability, while speeding up company-wide communication.

To answer clients' needs for data storage and management, NTT Communications has built a strong network of global data centers, under the umbrella brand name Nexcenter™. The company's hundreds of global data centers all comply with NTT Communications stringent data center standard and employ best practices and cost-efficient features.

The NTT Communications Hong Kong Data Center, which is a Nexcenter™ data center as well as the first one in Hong Kong to receive LEED® certification for Operation & Maintenance, assured L'Occitane that its critical data are always in safe hands. It is equipped with at least N+1 redundancy with multiple sources and multiple paths to the consumption points, and features efficient power and cooling systems that offer 15% improvement in energy efficiency.

SecureNet IP-VPN improved company-wide communication. Its extensive local geographic coverage allowed L'Occitane to securely and cost-effectively communicate with branches in Hong Kong. Its wide range of bandwidth options, support for various types of local access lines and simplified network site management also gave L'Occitane extreme flexibility to meet new market demands.

Overall, NTT Communications' seamless ICT solution allowed the global manufacturer and retailer to compete more effectively in a fast-paced and dynamic retail landscape in Asia. The breadth of service offerings helped the company to fine tune its supply chain management strategy while improving overall company communications. More importantly, the solution reinforced NTT Communications' ongoing relationship with L'Occitane, a client since 2009.



Nexcenter, the next generation data center service from NTT Communications provides world-class quality and full support.

L'Occitane (Far East) Limited

Company Profile

Name: L'Occitane (Far East) Limited

Overview: L'Occitane is a global, natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products manufacturer and retailer with strong regional roots in Provence, France. The Company is committed to developing and retailing high quality products that are rich in natural and organic ingredients of traceable origins and respect for the environment. The products are sold in over 90 countries through over 2,000 retail locations as well as through a variety of wholesale distribution channels.





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