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Unified Collaboration Cloud Solution

Cloud-Based Communication and Collaboration

Unite conventional and mobile phones, instant messaging, remote conference service and unified communications in the cloud.

Innovative Work Styles

Establish new, collaborative work styles that transcend location, time zone and device limitations.

Reduce TCO

Integrate cloud solutions for one-stop design, implementation and maintenance to reduce costs.

Features and Benefits

ICT Consulting
Seamless Integration
Global Services

Our Unified Collaboration Cloud Solution begins with a consulting phase aimed at giving you greater insight into your existing operations, with the goal of developing a plan that you can use for future integration and growth.



The first step in our consulting engagement is to survey the current communication and collaboration infrastructure. We interview your ICT and business personnel, locally and globally, to determine conditions of your current ICT environment. This helps to clarify our understanding of your current situation and determine what issues need to be resolved.


Having assessed your environment, we begin to formulate an overall design for our proposed Unified Collaboration Cloud Solution. We formulate a policy for various facets of the solution, such as data center, server, network, security, DR/BCP, user experience and operation monitoring. This formulation results in a plan of action for system migration, system restructure and operational changes.

Financial Analysis

The final element of our consulting phase is to calculate the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) for existing operations and for our proposed changes. We perform a comprehensive survey that involves observation of existing systems, calculation of the differences in requirements and an assessment of operational and personnel resources. Based on discussions with local users, we develop a TCO calculation sheet and compare this with the TCO and ROI of our proposed Unified Collaboration Cloud Solution.

The results of our Survey, Design and Financial Analysis consulting feed into the next phase: implementing your Unified Collaboration Cloud Solution.

Our Unified Collaboration Cloud Solution integrates diverse communication and collaboration services and networks. The cloud-based service gives you one-stop design, implementation and maintenance for conventional and mobile phones, instant messaging, remote conference service and unified communications. technologies.

We integrate smart devices, thin clients and traditional communications technologies giving you the opportunity to easily communicate and collaborate across different location and time zones.

Customization is available through a combination of Microsoft communication infrastructures, existing PBX, integrated identification infrastructures and more.

We offer the seamless integration of existing and new communication and collaboration tools that only a global cloud service provider can offer.


Our globally-integrated communication infrastructure gives your organization a one-stop approach to improved collaboration and work style.

Our experience and knowledge of work style innovation allows us to help you establish a new collaborative work style, so you can test concepts, elevate corporate culture, develop policy and improve operations. We do this while supporting the planning, design, implementation and operation of your existing ICT infrastructure.

Our seamless, global services integrate all aspects of your project: planning, design, implementation and operation, for single or multi-vendor ICT.

We offer one-stop for design, implementation, maintenance and user support for all your communication and collaboration tools, including:

  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Jabber for “internal line anywhere”
  • Web, video, TV and phone conferencing, with web-based phone directory 
  • IM/Presence
  • Voicemail
  • VDI/DaaS — Ready-Made and Customized plans

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