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International Services

International Roaming and International Calls


Use DOCOMO mobile phone overseas  WORLD WING

You need nothing but your DOCOMO mobile phone to ensure a smooth connection to over 200 countries.
DOCOMO mobile phone assists your business performance.

New windowUsing Your Mobile Phone Overseas (International Roaming Service: WORLD WING)


Make international calls from DOCOMO mobile phone  WORLD CALL

You can easily make calls overseas at any time from a DOCOMO mobile phone anywhere in Japan, so you will stay on top of your business.

New windowCalling and Sending Messages Abroad (International Dialing and Messaging Services)

Using Services and Solutions for Business Overseas

Services and solutions available in overseas service providers

Services and solutions for business are available for those who often travel overseas or have overseas branches.

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Area Location Service provider Available solutions
Asia China DOCOMO China
  • EC platform support, mobile device remote management, travel expense reduction with work flow, etc.
  • Sales of local mobile phones
  • Rental of DOCOMO Wi-Fi routers

New windowMobile Innovation

  • Safety confirmation, fleet vehicle management, etc.

Services and solutions that can also be used overseas

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