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Making static images move.
Marketing support with a unique visual twist.

Service : HenGenTou

  • Point of purchase (POP) displays are expected to make new, novel statements
  • Improve POP displays to meet the changing needs of society
  • Use HenGenTou on POP displays to merge print and digital technology
  • Partner with NTT Communications to promote business via diverse technology
  • Increased interest triggered by fresh visual experiences
  • Extensive marketing support through NTT Communications partnership
Hiroshi Murakami General Manager of Sales Promotion Division Communication & Information Center Information Innovation Operations Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Sales Promotion Division
Communication & Information Center
Information Innovation Operations
Hiroshi Murakami

"NTT’ s research center and expertise are gold mines and their capacity for technological development is outstanding. We have already implemented HenGenTou in our business and look forward to even more support and network services from NTT Communications."


Present images that emotionally move customers.

Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) was established during the period of enlightenment following the Meiji Restoration to provide letterpress printing services. This same pioneering spirit drives the company today to provide value through core services in printing and information (P&l) for companies and individuals.

DNP areas of innovation include knowledge and communication; food and healthcare; lifestyle and mobility; and environment and energy. The company provides a wide range of marketing services in the area of knowledge and communication, where the phrase “logic in, emotion out” expresses its approach to using logic to appeal to people’s emotions.

According to Mr. Hiroshi Murakami, general manager of the sales and promotion division at DNP, “We conduct market research, plan and manage sales promotion (SP) events, and plan and produce SP tools such as POP advertising displays based on our printing technology. POP displays target customers in the store and set new precedents by staying fresh and appealing. The displays should emotionally inspire rather than explain and gain understanding. It’s important to find ways to apply new technology, regardless of the targeted industry and market.”


A solid, nationwide support network backed by cutting-edge technology

One example of new POP technology is digital signage, which is becoming increasingly popular. However, according to Mr. Murakami, “Moving images may attract consumers’ eyes, but we must stop them in their tracks to communicate the message. The instant appeal of a paper poster is often more effective.”

"HenGenTou"*1 is a lighting system developed by NTT Communication science laboratories. After reviewing the technology, DNP felt that it offered the potential for a new type of POP, combining the instant appeal of a poster with the eye-catching attraction of moving images.

“The name aptly includes the word Hengen (phantom), because the image is static but looks like it’s moving without the use of digital signage or projection mapping,” shares Mr. Murakami. “It captured my imagination from the very first moment and I felt confident it could be used for a new type of POP.”

HenGenTou projects images onto a static image, such as a photo or illustration on a poster, to create the illusion that the image is moving.

Various impressions are possible, such as moving flames, changes in facial expression and flowing water. Since onlookers recognize the background is a regular still-image paper poster, the movement catches them by surprise. Adding sensors that recognize gestures enables the image to change in response to hand movements.

Mr. Murakami expressed high expectations not only for HenGenTou technology, but also for the company’s partnership with NTT Communications (NTT Com). “At NTT Com laboratories, I was surprised to see research being conducted on a wide range of advanced technologies. These technologies are literally diamonds in the rough that offer immense future possibilities. In addition, NTT Com’s domestic support network can provide us with service and maintenance of hardware, such as projectors. In the future, if we need marketing and centralized control of stores all over Japan, their strengths as a leading telecommunication company will prove invaluable. They are a reliable business partner committed to first-rate, extensive support”.

HenGenTou installed at Shin-Aomori Station


Still images that move stop people in their tracks
A campaign for delivering messages with impact across the globe

HenGenTou is already being used. For example, JR East is using HenGenTou in a sightseeing campaign for Aomori Prefecture and Hakodate (July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017). HenGenTou was used for POP display ads in Shin-Aomori and Hachinohe stations as well. “We placed posters of four local attractions, including the Aomori Nebuta festival and Towada Oirase stream, on the Shinkansen platform,” explained Mr. Murakami. “Novel projection mapping made a festival float move and a stream of water flow. When I visited the site, I saw people taken aback by the moving poster images.”

At the China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference (CIPEC) exposition in Beijing, in June 2017, the HenGenTou displays at the NTT Group booth received widespread media acclaim and ranked second on visitor questionnaires.

Other unique NTT Com laboratories technologies are also in advanced stages of deployment. Kirari! immersive telepresence technology uses holography to generate high-resolution images and high-quality sound for an ultra-realistic sense of presence. And, "hitoe"*2 fiber material is linked to the cloud to enhance the safety of outdoor workers at airports. NTT Com is closely collaborating with partners to introduce new value to society.

“In the future,” says Mr. Murakami, “sales promotion may largely be handled by cutting-edge unmanned POP displays rather than storefront staff. POP methods will change and we need to vary expression to match the different ages and tastes of customers. As mentioned earlier, NTT Com has a wealth of expertise and technologies that can support us in many ways. It is truly indispensable as our business partner.”

The future results of this collaboration between DNP, with its innovative printing technology, and NTT Com, with its technological expertise and extensive service network throughout Japan, will be amazing to see.

*1 "HenGenTou" is a registered trademark of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.
*2 "hitoe" is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc. and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.


You can see customer testimonial video.



"Hengentou" is a new light projection technique that is able to add a variety of realistic movement impressions to a static projection target. By fully utilizing the processing characteristics of the human visual system, a simple algorithm produces novel visual experiences wherein printed pictures appear to move, deform, and flutter.


Company Profile

Name: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Revenue: JPY 976.797 billion (as of March 31, 2017)

Business: A leading diversified printing company of global scale. Under the Corporate Philosophy, ” The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value”, the company strives to optimize communication between companies and people and take innovative approaches to creating new value.





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