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Evernote Teams

In July 2021, Evernote Business was rebranded to Evernote Teams.
In addition to the rebranding, we introduced a new minimum requirement of two IDs for initial applications.(Additional IDs can be added one by one.)

Business PlusBusiness Plus

A user-friendly and elegant app, acclaimed worldwide by 200,000,000 people, is now available for businesses

A user-friendly and elegant app, acclaimed worldwide by 100,000,000 people, is now available for business

Store, share, and discover knowledge with a team.
A business version of Evernote is now available from DOCOMO!

  • Evernote Teams
    Annual charge: ¥12,000/user

* Two or more IDs are required for initial applications.
* Additional IDs can be added one by one.

A business version of Evernote, an extremely popular personal cloud service with the slogan "Remember Everything," was added to DOCOMO's Business Plus (in Japanese only). While retaining its user-friendly personal functions, the business functions have been enhanced to satisfy usage requirements for a department or team.

Implementation sizeRecommended for a wide range of business sizes from a small start-up company to a company of over 300 employees

POINTService Points

  • Use individual knowledge smartly in a department or team
Use individual knowledge smartly in a department or team

When you are editing/viewing a note or searching it on a browser, business notes related to its content or search keyword are displayed. This will help you find knowledge buried in your company's notes or an employee who knows a lot about it.

  • Business-level management functions and security
Business-level management functions and security

Administrators can know which employee joins which notebook and performs what operation. All communication paths are encrypted by SSL. Customer information is securely managed in a multiple data center configuration.

Checklist before Application

Charges and Support

Evernote Teams

Initial charge: ¥0, Annual charge: ¥12,000/user. Easy registration

The annual charge is ¥12,000 per user. You can install it easily without initial or setup costs.

Advantages unique to DOCOMO

Even a single user can sign up!

Even a single user can sign up!

The minimum number of user accounts is one. You can add users in increments of one. Therefore, unnecessary costs are not incurred.

Easy payment

Easy payment

DOCOMO will bill for the usage charge. Credit card registration is not required.

Reliable customer support

Reliable customer support

Those who are subscribing to DOCOMO's Business Plus Concierge Desk or have 10 or more users can use Evernote Telephone Support (reservation required).

Checklist before Application

Checklist before Application

  • The annual charge for Business Plus Evernote Teams is ¥12,000 per account. The payment must be made in a lump sum the month following when a subscription is made.
  • When you have already subscribed to Business Plus Evernote Teams and you add a new account, you will be billed for the account on a monthly pro rata basis for the remainder of the current subscription.
  • Even if you cancel Business Plus (in Japanese only) within one year of the date of subscription agreement, you will not be refunded for the paid usage charge.
  • To apply for the service, you must be using one or more DOCOMO Xi/FOMA lines (*) under your company's name.
    • The number of Business Plus Evernote Teams accounts does not have to be the same as the number of Xi/FOMA lines.
  • You may not be able to make a subscription if your company was not founded according to the laws of Japan or if its principal office is not located in Japan.
  • You must agree that subscriber information (including information that qualifies as personal information. Hereinafter referred to as "subscriber information") is used by DOCOMO for the following purposes:
    1. Contact with the subscriber about agreement, change, or management of the subscription, subscriber identification, handling of Business Plus-related failures, and other implementations of the contract concerning calculation, billing, or receipt of usage charges
    2. Other purposes listed in "New windowPrivacy Policy" specified separately by DOCOMO
  • DOCOMO discloses subscriber information (including but not limited to the subscription application or documents related to the subscription) to Evernote and collects and receives subscriber information (excluding the login ID and password issued by the service provider) from Evernote.
  • Be sure to read "PDFBusiness Plus Terms of Use (PDF format: 698KB) (in Japanese only)" and "New windowEvernote Teams Terms of Use" before proceeding with application.

Application Schedule

Application ScheduleApplication Schedule


  • If you apply for a subscription between the 1st and 20th of the month, it will begin in one or two business days of the application date. For an application between the 21st and the end of the month, it will begin on the 1st day of the following month.
  • Since it takes one or two business days for the subscription to start after the application date, if you apply near the end of the month, it may not begin on the 1st day of the following month.
  • Personal information in the application page and Evernote Teams services is subject to the Evernote privacy policy.
  • All indicated amounts exclude tax.

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