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Biz Storage File Transfer

Transferring large files

Up to 100GB can be transferred in a single transfer.

High security

Communication pathways are encrypted using SSL (128 bit) and files are encrypted using Camellia (up to 256 bit). See the following section on "Main Functions" for details. 

Service Overview
Features & Benefits
Usage Scene
Biz Storage File Transfer Image

Biz Storage File Transfer is a service enabling the secure and reliable transfer of large files.

The service brand name was changed from "V-Pack" to "Biz Storage File Transfer" on April 3rd, 2012.

Note: Biz Storage File Transfer is a highly reliable service employing large file transfer technology and advanced security technology provided by NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories. (Laboratory development code: SSS)

Biz Storage File Transfer

1. Transferring large files

High capacity
Up to 100GB can be transferred in a single transfer. 

2. High security

Communication pathways are encrypted using SSL (128 bit) and files are encrypted using Camellia (up to 256 bit).
See the following section on "Main Functions" for details. 

User administration
The group administrator can register, change and delete general users. 

Setting transfer permission
The group administrator can restrict general users' addresses for transfers. See the following section on "Main Functions" for details. 

Checking transfer logs
The group administrator can obtain users' transfer logs. 

3. Diverse interfaces

Client version
All functions can be used by installing client software. 

Web browser version
Files can be easily and securely transferred from a browser. 

Command line version
This can be used to automate transfers for use in linking systems, etc. 

Bilingual support
The client software supports English and Japanese. 

Note: For details on other diverse functions, refer to the "Function" page.

Biz Storage File Transfer's Main Functions

Biz Storage File Transfer employs SSL (128 bit) as encryption for communication pathways and Camellia (up to 256 bit) for file encryption.*1

A hybrid system combining a common key cryptosystem and a public key cryptosystem has been employed for file encryption. Files are protected using the "Camellia" common key, which is an encryption technology of the world's highest standard.*2

In addition, by using a 2-stage encryption technology that can only be replicated on a PC that has the secret key corresponding to the public key, it is possible to transfer files quickly and securely.

Encryption Image

1.The client version uses "SSL (128 bit)" and "Camellia (up to 256 bit)" encryption. The Web client version can only use "SSL (128 bit)" encryption. 

2.Recognized as a standard and recommended encryption in many international standards such as ISO/IEC international standard encryption, New European Schemes for Signatures, Integrity and Encryption (NESSIE) and IETF standard encryption. 

Setting transfer permissions
This is a function that enables the administrator to set permissions for transfers by users participating in groups managed by the administrator. By restricting transfers, it is possible to prevent sending and receiving to and from external users.

Setting transfer permissions Image

Usage scene 1
For high capacity needs

Examples of needs (Construction Company A)

  • Usage scene: Transfer of design drawing data between domestic and overseas offices.
  • Number of users: Total of 30 users inside and outside Japan
  • Transfer volume: Average transfer volume of 5GB per transfer
1. Transferring high-capacity data that cannot be sent using e-mail.
2. Reliable transfers to overseas offices with poor communications environments.
3. Checking whether files have been delivered.
4. Flexible support for contract IDs and changes in transfer volume.
Biz Storage File Transfer's support
*1 Support for large-volume data transfers.
*2 Efficient transfers are made possible using stop and restart functions.
*3 Checking of transfer status by sender.
*4 Provision of hosting services by group.

Usage scene 2:
Security needs

Examples of needs (Insurance Company B)

  • Usage scene: Securely sending customer information data to operators in many offices throughout Japan.
  • Number of users: Approx. 3,000 operators
  • Transfer volume: Average transfer volume of 5MB per transfer
1. The ability to securely transfer files containing personal information.
2. Taking care of the handling of data containing personal information.
3. Using the Web to perform transfers due to a large number of users.
4. Flexible support for registering and changing contract account names.
Biz Storage File Transfer's support
*1 Secure data transfers using encryption of communication pathways and encryption of files on servers.
*2 The ability to set data transfer rights using transfer permission settings, and the ability to search log information.
*3 Support for Web version in addition to client version.
*4 Administrators being able to change users at their discretion.

List of Functions Provided

Functions for users

Function Description
Transferring large files Files of up to 100GB can be transferred.
Encryption Automatic encryption and decryption is provided for communication paths (SSL) and files (Camellia) during transfers.
Display of status and logs Transfer of files can be confirmed on-screen by the recipient and the sender.
E-mail notification Automatic notification of the arrival of a file can be sent to an e-mail address when the sender sends a file.
Stopping and restarting When a transfer is stopped for some reason, it is possible to restart the transfer immediately.
Compression and decompression As Biz Storage File Transfer automatically compresses and decompresses data, there is no need for separate compression or decompression.
On-the-fly functions As soon as the sender begins uploading to the server, the recipient can begin downloading before the upload is complete.
Hot folder functions When a file to be sent is saved in a specified folder, the file is automatically sent according to the specified conditions(destination, etc.).
Guest account function Users without an account ID can temporarily use Biz Storage File Transfer.

Functions for administrators

Function Description
User registration Users can be registered, changed and deleted using a Web browser.
Setting transfer permissions Transfer permissions can be set for each user and group registered.
Checking transfer logs Registered users' transfer logs can be checked (by user or by date).

Note: There are restrictions on some functions for users when using the web browser or command line interface.

Reference:Comparison of client functions

  Client version Command line version Web browser version
Characteristics Highly functional and highly secure usage Automation using linking between systems Client installation not required
Secure transfers Communication pathway encryption (SSL) good good good
File encryption (Camellia) good good acceptable(When stored on server)
Authentication functions Basic authentication / server certificate good good good
Large file transfers Capacity (Max. 100GB) good good acceptable(Max. 2GB)
Compression good good poor
Stopping and restarting good good poor
On-the-fly delivery good good poor
Other functions Status display good good good
Multilanguage support Japanese and English - Japanese and English

*Please inquire for System Requirements.


Biz Storage File Transfer can be customized after we have provided consulting according to the customer's requirements and presented an individualized price. Please feel free to contact us for details. 


August 24, 2018 Scheduled Server Maintenance for upgrade(Japan Server Type)

1.Maintenance date and time
September 09, 2018 from 00:00 to 06:30(JST)
* Maintenance time may give or take a few minutes

2.Affected function
All functions will be temporarily stopped twice for a maximum of 10 minutes during the maintenance time above.

3.Affected users
All users(Japan Server Type)

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