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Telephone Charges & Country Code (International)

to place a call to New York, you dial

* Dialing 0033 is not needed when customer has registered NTT Communications as his/her International calls section for MYLINE or MYLINE PLUS.

Note: Until April 2003, calls can be made by dialing: 0033-country code-area code-telephone number.
Click here to search for Country code

Simply starting with 0033 enables you to make direct calls on your present telephone to over 230 countries and territories worldwide.

* The service is also available for mobile phones of every mobile phone company, car and PHS phones. Registration is required in advance. For details, please call our Customer Service Center: toll-free 0120-506506. [Open during: 10:00 - 19:00 except Sunday,National holidays and New Year's vacation]

* Application and registration are not necessary when calls are made from subscribed telephone.

* Please omit the first "0" of the area code (with a few exceptions).

* International fax can be transmitted in the same way as you dial on regular telephone calls.

* IP Phone (ex. "Hikari Denwa") and the special landline service (ex. "OTOKU Line") can not be available.

* Consumption tax does not apply to international calling charges.

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International Calls from Public Telephones

International Calls can be Made from Public Telephones!

For the multi-use international public telephones throughout Japan,
international calls can be made by pressing '0033'.

Click here for country codes and charges of international.

* No."0" in front of the foreign area codes have to be deleted in dialing. (There may be some exceptions.)
Dialing is the same as dialing from a regular phone. You can directly connect with over 230 countries and territories worldwide from the digital public telephones throughout Japan.

Save on Calls to America and Asia

Length of time a 105 call units telephone card will last during a call in the day (8:00-19:00).

Length of time

When making a call during the day with a 105 call units telephone card , you can call America for 7'25"*. China for 5'20"*, and Indonesia for 4'30"*. For all regions, you can talk longer with this card than a card from any other company.

* If 105 call units on a telephone card was used during one call.

Using from Public Phone

Using Digital public telephones

* Please insert telephone cards with at least ¥100 or 10 call units remaining.

* Digital public telephones and telephone cards are established and sold by NTT East and NTT West.

Automatic Charge Notification Service

Automatic Charge Notification Service

When using this service, please dial in the following way

If you dial 00347 in stead of 0033 before the country code of your destination number, you will be called back to be notified of the call charges immediately after you have finished your call. After regular notification in Japanese followed by English, notification of call charges can be made in one of another seven languages, depending on the destination of your call.

* The notification contains the following information; the length of the international call that you have just made, the charge for that call, the country and the number called.

* Please omit the first "0" of the area code (with a few exceptions).

* This service is available only for subscribed telephone. Public phones, mobile phones, car phones and PHS phones are unavailable.

* You will be notified of the charge before discount even if you have subscribed to a discount service.

The languages in
which the notification
is available
Destination nations (territories)
Chinese China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Korean South Korea, North Korea
Tagalog Philippines
Portuguese Brazil, Portugal, Angola
Spanish Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Dominica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Canarias Islands, Guadeloupe(FOD), Martinique(FOD), Montserrat, St. Lucia, ST. Vincent & Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago
Malay Malaysia, Brunei
Thai Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions about International Calls from Public Telephones

Q1. Can "0033" international calls be made from all public telephones?
Q2. Can telephone cards be used with "0033" international calls?
Q3. Is telephone card mentioned in Q2, exclusive to NTT Communications?
Q4. Is registration necessary?
Q5. Are the call rates the same as calling from a regular phone?
Q6. What do you mean by the rates mentioned in Q5: "X minutes/¥100"?
Q7. Do the discount rates of Home Discount and Corporate Discount apply?

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