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Digital Transformation (DX)
for a Smart World

NTT Communications’ DX Solutions

Safe and secure data utilization
Solutions for business creation, competitiveness and more

DX solutions from NTT Com enable clients to develop new business and achieve greater competitiveness.
NTT Com’s DX solutions also are being used to create a smarter world in which ICT is helping to resolve critical needs throughout society.
The key is data utilization, a trend that is rapidly gaining importance.
NTT Com’s Smart Data Platform provides comprehensive, one-stop functions that enable clients to use data more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

DX Supported with NTT Com Value

Technologies and Services

Smart Data PlatformEverything necessary for data utilization

NTT Com’s all-in-one data-utilization platform provides all necessary functions for data collection, storage and analysis, including robust security for data safety.

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Platform for interconnecting data among clouds, data centers, SaaS, etc. of multiple operators, enabling ICT resources in closed networks to be combined easily and flexibly on demand.


Cloud-based iPaaS that connects to various databases and applications for easy integration of collected/accumulated data.


Secure data-communication paths, designated data-storage locations, anonymized data, etc. for consistent policies and safe, secure data utilization.


Expanded data utilization for accurate and highly natural language processing (translation, chat bots, dialogue engines, meeting minutes, etc.), including automated responses incorporating superior telecom-quality voice services.


Rich lineup of services as well as applications for connection with high-quality data-utilization platforms, allowing clients to tailor DX to specific needs.


Co-CreationNew Approaches to Value Creation

NTT Com solutions that leverage digital technologies which clients use to adapt to rapidly changing environments by deploying DX for business transformation and new business creation.

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