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Social Contribution Activities

The Arts, Culture, Education and Sports


We facilitate exchanges between regions and the healthy upbringing of children, the next generation, through a variety of activities.

Rugby played by Corporate Rugby Team

The physical strength of children has been on the decline for many long years now. According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the ability of children to run, throw, and grip objects has worsened consistently across all ages since 1965.

NTT Shining Arcs, the rugby team of NTT Communications, have held tag rugby events since their beginnings as a sports team with the aim of facilitating regional exchange and the upbringing of healthy young children through sports.

Tag rugby helps build physical strength in children, while also teaching the importance of communications and following the rules. It also fosters feelings of respect for other players, regardless of whether they are on the same or opposing team. Both current and former rugby athletes are committed to helping with tag rugby events in the future.

The NTT Shining Arcs Cup is a big rugby event that aims to improve the sporting abilities of children, including their drive to improve and competitive spirit.

Through these efforts, we believe we can contribute to growth in the number of athletes and their skill levels, while raising awareness of rugby as a part of sports culture, in addition to helping raise healthy and strong children who will lead the next generation.

Tags by children Rugby
Children's rugby lesson
Tags by children Rugby
Children's rugby lesson

Bring the family to work day

NTT Communications Group lets its employees bring their families to work on Family Day once a year. This popular event has taken place every year since 2010 during summer vacation for the purpose of improving the work-life balance of employees and providing opportunities for children to learn more about work.

In fiscal 2017, 49 families brought their children to work, who toured telephone tunnels, play rugby and practice exchanging business cards.

The participating children learned about where their fathers and mothers work, giving them a new perspective of their parents and deepening their understanding of family and the workplace. For the parents who brought their children to work, coworkers they interacted with were reminded that they have special families in their lives, helping to improve work-life balance as a result.

We will continue to hold this event for families as a way of building stronger connections through the better understanding of work within the context of families, while improving communication among and the motivation of employees.

Family Day -Memorial photography
Family Day - Conference overseas
Family Day -Cable laying area tour
Family Day - Business card exchange

Moreover, we are also allowing local junior high school students and students on field trips gain first-hand experience in our workplaces. By inviting junior high school students who are interested in learning more about the information communications field as a part of their career exploration and education curriculum, this initiative provides the children who will lead the next generation with an amazing first-hand insight into the latest in ICT services.

Acceptance of junior high school students
Acceptance of junior high school students

Tours of workplaces by local Japanese school children (India)

Our CSR activities take place on a global basis, beyond the borders of Japan. Group companies NTT Communications India and Netmagic Solutions let children to experience their workplaces as a part of their programs to nurture the next generation.

We launched this program in 2016 upon agreeing with the principal of a Japanese school in Mumbai who wanted students to study the social sciences through important experiences that build on their abilities to lead their own lives in the future in a social and career-independent fashion, while exploring their own future role in society.

In social sciences program, we gave the students invaluable experiences, including a tour of a data center that opened in October 2016 as our core business, and instruction on networking equipment and the framework of communications systems, teachings that only an ICT company can give.

The principal of the Japanese school in Mumbai said that these experiences provided students with opportunities to learn more about ICT and think seriously about their future career paths, heightening their motivation to study.

We intend to continue these initiatives for revitalizing communities while helping nurture the next generation as one of our stakeholders.

Work place tour
Work place tour


Helping educate children who live in orphanages (India)


In India, poverty is a grave problem despite rapid growth in the economy, as one in four people are said to live in poverty. In addition to poverty, many other issues such as overcrowding, environmental problems and epidemic corruption adversely affect the school participation and literacy rates of children. To help solve these issues, NTT Communications promotes the raising of next-generation children with local NGOs.

SOS Children’s Villages, a non-profit organization that runs 32 orphanages in India, takes care of more than 24,000 orphans. Emerio is a member of NTT Communications Group that as an educational support sponsorship program partner has provided 10 children who live in the Chennai SOS Children’s Village with funds to cover private school entrance fees, tuition, textbooks and uniforms, in addition to commuting expenses. 

We also participate in community programs in the same village where around 100 orphans live, including tree planting events, cultural activities and exchanges.

We will continue to help with the nurturing of children who will contribute to society in the future.

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