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The Arts, Culture, Education and Sports


We facilitate exchanges with between regions as well asand the healthy upbringing of children, the next generation, through a variety of activities.

Activities of the Corporate Rugby Team

As a social contribution through sports and to enrich the lives of its employees, NTT Communications engages in several projects that leverage the expertise of its Shining Arcs rugby team, which competes in the Japan Rugby Top League. In 2019, the Shining Arcs became the first rugby team in Japan to launch a full-scale SDG initiative.
The team contributes through the power of sports in deleteC, a collaborative project in Japan for making cancer a curable disease. The Shining Arcs have been educating the public through diverse efforts such as wearing training jerseys displaying the deleteC logo, donating a portion of revenues from the sale of original goods, and actively communicating through social media.

  • Training jerseys displaying the deleteC logoTraining jerseys displaying the deleteC logo
  • Activities of the Corporate Rugby Team 
  • Collecting donations at match venuesCollecting donations at match venues

The team also participates in the ”Calorie Offset Program by Shining Arcs,″ which is focused on addressing the global food issue as the first such effort by the Japanese rugby community. We calculate the calories burned during a game by players, as well as Shining Arcs fans who cheered for the team at the stadium, and we then donate the equivalent in monetary value. The funds are used to support the agricultural industry and set up infrastructure in developing countries through TABLE FOR TWO International, an NPO. This is one way we promote social contribution activities with our fans and supporters.

Achieved second place in the sports category in the first TABLE FOR TWO Awards
Achieved second place in the sports category in the first TABLE FOR TWO Awards

In addition, the team has adopted a multifaceted approach to demonstrate its commitment to the SDGs through rugby. Non-Japanese players are featured in an international cooperation event in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The team also participates in the ”LEADS TO THE OCEAN″ project, which is focused on sports and beach-cleaning activities, and implements the ”1 TRY × 1 TOY″ project, in which one toy is delivered for each try the player makes in the top league to nursery schools in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, the team’s home.

We signed a collaboration and support agreement with Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, and have been focusing on educating children as part of our Sports × Career Education initiative. Team members have been visiting elementary and junior high schools to play tag rugby with students. New projects have included sports tourism events as well as classes during school trips, in which children receive career education lectures from players, coaches, and other staff. We also sponsor lectures by a former player who suffered a stroke and now speaks about his own experience living with a disability while achieving happiness. These activities provide children with opportunities to learn about career design and develop their values and at the same time broaden their perspectives.

  • Workshop on developing teams capable of achieving their goalsWorkshop on developing teams
    capable of achieving their goals
  • Shining Arcs player giving a presentation to students during a classShining Arcs player giving a presentation
    to students during a class
  • 「Signing ceremony for the collaboration and support agreement」with Urayasu City「Signing ceremony for the collaboration and support agreement」
    with Urayasu City

Bring the family to work day

The NTT Communications Group organizes an annual Family Day, on which its employees can bring their families to the workplace. This popular event has taken place during summer vacation since 2010 as a means of improving work-life balance and providing children with opportunities to learn about work.

Although we had to cancel the event in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been participated in by the families of about 50 employees every year. They take tours of cable tunnels, play rugby, and practice exchanging business cards.

The kids learn about where their mothers and fathers work and gain a new perspective of what they do while also deepening their understanding of family and the workplace. As for the parents, their coworkers are reminded that they have families, which helps improve the work-life balance for everyone.

We will continue to hold the event to strengthen connections by deepening family understanding of work while improving employee communication and motivation.

Bring the family to work day

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