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Social Contribution Activities

Environmental Conservation

Planting trees

Through our operations, we not only help protect the environment, but also work to solve problems close at hand, raising awareness of environmental conservation through activities involving our employees and their families.

Coastal Area Clean-up Activities

Issues relating to incidence of waste attributable to economic activity and disasters are increasing with each passing year. As a part of efforts aimed at addressing these issues, the NTT Communications Group engages in a wide range of clean-up activities. One example is a coastal clean-up that started in 2017. During the off-season, Group employees and their families come together in the early morning hours, put on gloves, and use tongs to remove rubbish, including cigarette butts and PET bottles that have accumulated along the sandy beaches.


Coastal cleanup activities
Coastal cleanup activities

Activities to conserve woodlands

At NTT Communications Group, we provide opportunities for our employees, the employees of our partners and their families to give back to local communities and preserve the environment through hands-on experience, becoming involved in issues close to them as a part of CSR. One such initiative centered on Group companies is the Shiroi Woodlands Conservation Initiative being undertaken in Shiroi City, Chiba Prefecture.

The purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness of environmental problems and dietary education through participation, as well as to contribute to the preservation of the natural environment as a company by maintaining forests, planting rice and observing nature. 

Launched in 2010, this initiative has been undertaken 18 times as of 2016, with activities occurring three times a year in the spring, summer and autumn. By having parents and their children participate in this initiative, communications is improved among family members and children cultivate sentiment. Co-sponsored by Group companies, the activities also improve communications across the Group. We will continue these activities as an initiative that involves employees.

rice planting
Commemorative photo after rice planting
Commemorative photo after rice planting
Thinning activities

Recycling market

The Procurement Department at NTT Communications promotes the effective use of resources by recycling unneeded items owned by its employees and the employees of its partners and selling them to people who want them. The funds raised are donated to global environmental funds.

This initiative began with the idea that it would be better to reusing items no longer needed instead of throwing them away.

The participating employees often find interesting items to sell, making the event quite fun. The money raised from the sale is donated to various environmental funds.

We intend to continue this activity as an initiative that any employee can join.

Recycling activities
Recycling activities

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