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Special Feature
Respect for Human Resources

A business where everyone is respected and employees can be themselves

The diversification of the workforce has accelerated due to diverse issues, such as declining birthrates and aging populations in advanced countries,
and explosive population growth in emerging countries.
We strive to operate businesses where diversity is respected and utilized with respect to gender, nationality and physical traits.

Diverse employees work together as one team
We place emphasis on respect for one another and helping each other in the workplace.

Our Approach

While carrying out the responsibilities of companies, employees independently aim for their own happiness and development and are partners that grow with those companies. At the NTT Communications Group, we have measures in place to nurture talented employees with a keen awareness of globalization to grow together with our employees.

Over the past few years, attention worldwide has focused on diversity in management as more emphasis is placed on supporting the health of employees and converting diversity into a competitive advantage. As more women join the workforce and new working styles are adopted, NTT Communications is trying out various new measures, including personnel exchanges around the world.

Our Ambition

A society where everyone acknowledges and lifts each other higher

> A society where diversity is respected in terms of individuality, attributes and ideology

> A society where people can use their abilities to the fullest

Focus SDGs

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Diversity & Inclusion Being Addressed on Groupwide Basis

Continuing to Embody Mechanisms That Leverage Diversity

Mainly through the Diversity Promotion Office, we have been accelerating our D&I strategies since 2008. The activities of those strategies are based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children passed by the Japanese government and characterized by the earliest reflection of domestic and international trends on diversity, The raft of measures to be deployed step by step in accordance with social demands is always advanced to be at the forefront of Japanese companies.

These series of D&I strategies are constantly being externally and internally evaluated. In fiscal 2016, we won numerous awards—including being selected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as one of the “Top 100 Telework Pioneers” and certified in the top gold category in the corporate activity index by a private organization, work with Pride, with regard to sexual minorities, such as LGBT, and continue to embody a business system that makes use of diversity.

Continuing to Evolve with the Aim of Realizing Livelier Workplaces

At present, Japanese companies are actively looking into workplace reforms aimed at further promoting the participation and advancement of women. While emphasizing concrete results, we also developed the multifaceted measures listed below in fiscal 2016. In recent years, our business has been accelerating in its globalization, and the range that the diversity strategies should encompass continues to expand. In order to continue to be a corporate group that responds to diverse cultures and values, we will face the challenge of enhancing those measures in the years to come.

  1. Promotion of careers for women: Aimed to improve ratio of women in management positions, development of measures to foster and support women
  2. Response to and compliance with Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace: developed multifaceted systems toward a further improvement in the ratio of women, obtained “Eruboshi” certification
  3. Encouragement of male employees’ childcare participation, including promoting the taking of special leave for childcare (life plan holiday system)
  4. Enable active use of more diverse human resources, working style reform: Active utilization of ICT technology and promotion of awareness-raising activities to promote utilization of system for working from home

My Challenge

To Realize a Society in which Everyone Can Work with Enthusiasm

In the Diversity Promotion Office, diverse members have lively exchanges as they trade a range of values, thoroughly display the capabilities that each possesses and promote the creation of a corporate culture that gives rise to new ideas and businesses and in which people are able to thrive.

Diversity Promotion Office, Human Resource Development Manager Shinji Fukugawa Manager Mihoko Matsumi

In addition, we are working on creating environments in which employees can work in a variety of working styles by promoting work methods that utilize ICT. We will continue to promote D&I in order to continue to be an ICT partner that will be selected by customers worldwide.

Diversity Promotion Office, Human Resources Development
Manager Shinji Fukugawa
Manager Mihoko Matsumi

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