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「Leed 」Certification

Environmental Performance as a Key Criterion for Customer Data Center Selection

To support global customers in reducing their environmental impact, the NTT Group is taking steps to acquire Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification*, which sets the global standard for green buildings.
NTT Communications contributes to reducing the environmental impact of its customers by using LEEDS-certified data centers that provide both high reliability and excellent environmental performance. They are operated by Group company NTT Ltd. Japan in countries across the globe.
Moving forward, we will collaborate with the NTT Group to increase customer satisfaction by providing data centers that focus on performance and reducing the environmental impact of the Group and ultimately of society as a whole.

*A certification system for the entire building, promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council, which evaluates energy savings and environmental impact.

Data Center

Region Data Center LEED Certificate
Asia Hong Kong Financial Data Center Tower 2 (FDC2) Platinum
Hong Kong Financial Data Center Tower 1 (FDC1) Gold
Hong Kong Tai Po Data Center Silver
Singapore Serangoon Data Center Gold
Malaysia Cyberjaya 3 Data Center Silver
Malaysia Cyberjaya 4 Data Center Silver
India Chennai 1 Data Center Gold
America California Sacramento 1 (CA1) Data Center Gold
California Sacramento 2 (CA2) Data Center Gold
California Sacramento 3 (CA3) Data Center Gold
Virginia Ashburn 1 (VA1) Data Center Gold
Europe UK Hemel Hempstead 2 Data Center Gold

Hong Kong Financial Data Center Tower 2 (FDC2)

Here, we provide details of Hong Kong Financial Data Center Tower 2 (FDC2), whichFDC2. FDC2 acquired LEED Platinum certification in May 2017, the first to secure such accreditation in the China and Hong Kong regions.
FDC2, the first such property to acquire LEED Platinum certification in the China and Hong Kong regions.(Right photo)
Located in Tseung Kwan O on the eastern part of the Kowloon Peninsula to the eastern part of Hong Kong Island, FDC2 employs an innovative front-flow air conditioning cooling wall system and a cooling battery that maintains the temperature of server rooms at 27°C for a period of about 4042 minutes in the event of power failure.
During cold periods when outside temperatures fall below 10.5°C, certain chillers are also shutdown. In this instance, steps are then taken to switchover to an indirect external air conditioning system using a heat exchange process with the cooling tower.
The innovative FDC2 was recognized with LEED Platinum certification for its capacity to iLEED Platinum certification recognizes these innovative means that have helped FDC2 increase its cooling energy efficiency by roughly 20%.

Cooling wall

Helps increase energy efficiency by 20% compared with conventional cooling methods that employ the cold air that flows up from beneath double floors, as indicated by the arrows in the photo.

Cooling battery

Helps maintain the temperature of server rooms at 27°C for a period of 42 minutes in the event of power failure compared with cooling tanks that can store up to 3.6 million liters of cooling water. (Right front white building)

Indirect external air conditioning system

Turning off chillers to conserve power and utilizing cooling water directly from the cooling tower when temperatures fall below 10.5°C.

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