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Providing a Wide Range of Services that Sustain Society

As a DX Enabler™ helping customers accomplish their digital transformation (DX), we endeavor to deliver management solutions and to realize the Smart Society through ICT.
We enhanced our lineup of supportive services and expanded the areas we serve by integrating our global operations in July 2019. Our system and solutions have been upgraded to support our customers’ global businesses.


  • Global Tier 1※1 Provider

    As a world-leading provider, we want to deliver the world’s highest level of infrastructure.

  • Global Network Services

    Global Network Services

    We provide global network services that extend across 190 countries and regions worldwide.

  • Global Business Support

    Global Business Support

    We support our customers’ global businesses through bases in over 70 countries and regions.

  • Managed Service for Centralized
    Control of the Entire ICT

    Managed Services

    Our managed service enables centralized control over not only the services offered by NTT Communications but also those by other companies and the existing systems, realizing a one-stop service for managing the operation of the entire ICT environment.s

  • Personal Services

    Personal Services

    We provide the largest Internet connection service in Japan and promote society’s conversion to ICT.

  • Recognition for Our
    Global Network Services

    Recognition for Our Global Network Services

    Our one-stop global network services exist because of our advanced technological capabilities and wealth of know-how unique to a telecommunications carrier. NTT Communications was ranked among global leaders in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global, chosen by U.S.-based Gartner Inc.

  • Global Data Center Service Offering the Highest Levels of Quality

    Global Data Center Service Offering the Highest Levels of Quality

    Our Nexcenter brand provides high-quality data center services across the globe by operating over 300 facilities based on unified standards, with more than 500,000 m2 of server room space. We seek to unify our service specifications further, in collaboration with Group companies, in order to realize even greater customer convenience. Moreover, we are expanding our data center business, primarily in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region including Japan, to respond more flexibly to the scope and speed of service that customers require.

  • *1 Tier 1 Provider: An Internet service provider that controls its own worldwide broadband IP backbone and is capable of ensuring the quality of its network without depending on an upper tier provider.
  • *2 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global, Neil Rickard, Bjarne Munch, Danellie Young, February 20, 2020.
    Gartner does not endorse specific vendors, products, or services presented in publications issued by Gartner Research, nor does it advise technology users to choose only those vendors that were given the highest ratings or otherwise recognized. Gartner Research’s publications express the opinions of Gartner Research and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all responsibilities with regard to the marketability of this research, including its relevance to specific purposes, either expressly stated or implied.
    Certain offerings are provided joinly with NTT Ltd.

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