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Message from the President & CEO

President & CEO Toru Maruoka

Greetings to our many loyal clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Last July, as a member of the new DOCOMO group, we launched our new enterprise-business brand, "docomo business."

docomo business

In addition to existing fixed-network, cloud and data-center services, NTT Com is now able to leverage NTT DOCOMO's 5G and IoT offerings and NTT COMWARE's software-development capabilities to provide one-stop total solutions for clients worldwide. As we continue to improve the quality and geographical reach of our offerings, we have been very pleased by the positive response from clients.

Last year, even though the COVID situation eased somewhat, increased geopolitical risks, soaring energy costs, and a sharp depreciation of the yen left no doubt that 2022 was a year of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Determined not to be defeated by such dizzying changes, in 2023 we will advance initiatives—built on the foundation we laid last year—to contribute to a strong and vibrant world.

To help realize such a world, we are now offering highly value-added solutions in the fields of digital transformation (DX), green transformation (GX), and customer experience (CX).

For DX, which is becoming increasingly vital for society’s continued evolution, NTT Com supports the Smart World initiatives of clients in eight key areas. And now, backed by our expanded mobile capabilities, we are delivering one-stop services incorporating 5G, drones, robots, extended reality (XR), Web3 and other advanced technologies. We are also leveraging the massive data generated by these activities to further invigorate society.

We are also expanding our green-transformation initiatives to support decarbonization. In addition to internal initiatives to procure renewable energy and deploy the NTT group’s Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) technologies, we are preparing to deliver green data centers featuring optimized air-conditioning control and renewable energy options, and solutions for green cloud-computing to help clients better visualize their CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, we are enhancing our CX initiatives to ensure that clients truly value and continue to choose our services. This includes services to strengthen the resilience of clients' ICT environments, including telecommunications, and to fully and seamlessly converge clients' mobile and fixed-line connections.

To ensure the success of these ambitious undertakings, we are deeply committed to working with clients and partners through our OPEN HUB for Smart World collaboration program.

NTT Com will continue to change worlds with you.

Toru Maruoka
Representative Member of the Board
President and CEO
NTT Communications

Toru Maruoka

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