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NTT Communications Group Sustainability

Evolving to Be a Corporate Group to Create a Sustainable Future

In May 2021, the NTT Communications Group established the Sustainability Policy by reframing its Fundamental CSR Policy in response to the increasingly worsening climate change situation, trends in SDGs and ESG in Japan and overseas, and subsequent changes underway in the business environment, as well as trends in cutting-edge technologies that will support a future society.
Under the Sustainability Policy, we will uphold Our Mission and Our Core Beliefs to pursue the Re-connect X business vision as “Your Value Partner,” with the intention of opening up unlimited possibilities for people and the world and consistently serving society to realize a sustainable future. The Sustainability Policy is composed of the four Priority Areas of society, the environment, human resources, and governance. In each, we have our Vision of the Future, and to realize these visions, we have set 12 Sustainability Priority Activities, related main initiatives, targets such as achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 (Scopes 1 and 2), and KPIs. The Sustainability Priority Activities include the promotion of DX to connect society with the future, promotion of innovations that break through limits, promotion of a decarbonized society, development of a closed-loop society, respect for human rights, promotion of diversity and inclusion, enhanced value chain partnerships, and thorough compliance and risk management.
Through efforts to promote these priorities and pursue sustainability management by following the PDCA cycle, we intend to further reinforce the positive impact of our business activities on society across the value chain and minimize negative risk and impact. We will also co-create with various stakeholders, including customers and business partners, and overcome all hurdles. By building on these efforts, we will promote DX, WX, GX, and SX for society as a whole and contribute to achieving the SDGs in order to pursue efforts to realize a sustainable future.

  • Society

    Our Vision
    for the Future

    A better future characterized by innovation, vitality, resilience, safety, and security, in which sustainable development is achieved through value creation.

  • Environment

    Our Vision
    for the Future

    An eco-friendly future characterized by carbon neutrality, closed-loop recycling, and harmonious coexistence with nature based on the preservation of biodiversity.

  • Human Resources

    Our Vision
    for the Future

    A future rich in diversity based on mutual respect and enhancement and where everyone can shine in their own way and play a valuable role in society.

  • Governance

    Our Vision
    for the Future

    A future in which the Company is trusted for its lofty ethics and solid governance and develops a sustainable society for the future based on diverse co-creation.

  • *Priority areas in the Sustainability Policy, formulated in May 2021.

Our initiatives for creating a new way of communication involve continuously challenging the infinite possibilities that communication has in creating innovative, user-friendly communication methods that optimize the flow of information in our society across every barrier and boundary, serving as a bridge between today and the future, and open up new possibilities for people, our world, and a future that lies beyond our imagination and allows for new wealth for society and the world.
This is the NTT Communications Group’s corporate mission and reason for existence, and it constitutes the core of Our Mission. These initiatives and our basic approach, together with the three Core Beliefs, represent the backbone of the NTT Communications Group’s sustainability and related basic policies and also reflect the aspirations expressed in our Corporate Message and Tagline, shown at right.

Sustainable Future Our Vision of the Future

Corporate Message

Connecting into Tomorrow


Go the Distance.

This tagline expresses our commitment to seek out and offer new value by going beyond time and distance and creating innovative and unprecedented communication methods.
There is also an underlying meaning to persevere, alluding to our resolution to surpass the expectations of our clients and society, be true to our core beliefs, and realize our mission with the integrity that we have embraced for a long time.

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