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Message from the Executive Vice President & CSR Committee Chairman

Message from the Board of Director on Promoting Sustainability

常務執行役員 安藤 友裕

Tomohiro Ando
Executive Vice President

Under our Sustainability Policy, we will pursue the unlimited possibilities of ICT and DX toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2030*, helping to achieve the SDGs, and realizing a sustainable future of well-being and full of dreams.

Addressing the worsening climate change situation, as well as other global issues and risks laid out by the SDGs and ESG, has become even more urgent today in order to pass on a sustainable society to the next generation and secure our future. In May 2021, the NTT Communications Group formulated the Sustainability Policy in response to trends in the SDGs and ESG in Japan and overseas and subsequent changes underway in the business environment, as well as trends in cutting-edge technologies that will support a future society. This policy is based on Our Mission and Our Core Beliefs, determined with the participation of all employees. It depends on each of us striving to realize a sustainable future by seizing the initiative to act, inspiring one another, and demonstrating our distinct abilities to meet social expectations through our daily operations, business activities, and business vision. We intend to pursue this policy by focusing on these points.
Our Sustainability Policy is composed of the four Priority Areas of society, the environment, human resources, and governance, and we have determined Our Vision of Society and 12 Sustainability Priority Activities to realize the vision by linking them to the SDGs.
Under precise governance and management, we hope to achieve KPIs for the Priority Activities and develop a wide range of co-creation to further demonstrate the positive impact of the NTT Communications Group’s business operations on society by advancing ICT and DX across the value chain while pursuing efforts to minimize risk and negative impacts. By doing so, we will work toward resolving various social issues, helping achieve the SDGs, and realizing our vision of a future society.
To enhance the foundations supporting these initiatives, we introduced a new system in fiscal 2022 that links executive remuneration to specific sustainability-related KPIs, as well as internal carbon pricing in the procurement sector. We also carried out due diligence on suppliers regarding human rights, labor, the environment, fair trade, ethics, and business continuity and promoted CSV with the participation of all employees. Moreover, in February 2022 we launched the OPEN HUB for Smart World as a place for promoting the co-creation of business concepts and their implementation in society to resolve social issues and open up the future by evolving and deepening our co-creation with a wider range of partners and customers.
We deliver DX solutions and platforms such as the Smart World and Smart Data Platform for X that leverage cutting-edge technologies, as well as our new fixed-mobile convergence services and ICT services such as 5G and IoT. These solutions, platforms, and services may hold the key to resolving complex and diverse issues faced by society today, including climate change, large-scale disasters, the declining birthrate and aging population, infectious diseases, and threats to information and cyberspace security. They could also prove to be essential for promoting DX, GX, WX, and SX across broad areas of society, and for creating value that will support society’s future. We live in a time when all areas of human activity across the world must focus on the SDGs and ESG to advance together toward a better future. The joy of serving society by connecting various areas around the world through our business activities holds significant value for our employees.
Looking ahead, the reorganized NTT Communications Group will, under the docomo business brand, continue to develop and deliver services and platforms that support the next generation and our vision of a future society. We will also provide solutions for social issues that are increasingly complex and diverse and pursue the unlimited possibilities of ICT and DX to change you and the world and usher in the future. Furthermore, we will make a united Group effort under our Sustainability Policy to meet public expectations and demands by practicing CSV and CSR through our unique business activities as an ICT company. We will work with various stakeholders to co-create and drive the emergence of new value in a robust effort to promote the SDGs and ESG and to realize a sustainable future of well-being and full of dreams, which consists of innovative, creative, resilient, safe, secure, eco-friendly, and vigorous local communities that co-exist with nature, and where people respect and inspire each other and allow everyone to shine in their own way and play a valuable role in society.

*Targeted GHG Protocol: Scope 1 (direct emissions of greenhouse gases from our own sources) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions from the use of electricity, heat, and steam supplied by other companies)

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