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CASE of Re-connect X 02

GX/ESG Solutions Change the Behavior of a Company and Consumers for the Realization of a Society where the Environment and People Coexist

GX/ESG Solutions Change the Behavior
of a Company and Consumers for
the Realization of a Society where
the Environment and People Coexist

Essential for the Entire Society to Take Environmental Action

Extreme weather events, such as torrential rains, are occurring frequently both in Japan and abroad, repeatedly causing natural disasters in various regions, increasing the urgency of tackling global warming. Countries around the world are promoting long-term initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and Japan is also calling for a balance between addressing environmental challenges and economic growth to achieve the government’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. These problems cannot be solved by the efforts of only some companies; the participation of companies across every industry as well as consumers is absolutely necessary. Companies, organizations, and citizens need to work together to change their values and behavior and take action to resolve vital issues common to all humankind.


Accelerating the GX of Society by Using ICT to Promote Industrial Solutions and Lifestyle Change

NTT Communications is working to build green ICT infrastructure, which is environmentally sound, in its networks and data centers aligned with the green transformation (GX) of society as a whole, including customers and their customers. For example, in our data centers, we introduced energy saving equipment and are promoting the conversion to electricity derived from renewable energy. We strongly support customers’ GX by, for instance, setting up options that allow customers to select green electricity on request. We are also gradually increasing the number of service locations where the electricity required for SDPF cloud/server operations for customers is 100% renewable energy. In addition, we are introducing functions to predict and visualize the volume of CO2 emissions associated with the use of cloud services.
NTT Communications is promoting the GX of its own services while also focusing on the Green Program initiative to encourage behavioral change among companies and consumers to accelerate the GX of society at large. As our latest initiative, we will implement various ICT solutions that visualize CO2 emissions from daily activities and encourage consumers and companies to take eco-action. In November 2022, we started providing an app for companies to raise the environmental awareness of their employees. Moreover, we help companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, including the disclosure of information on CO2 emissions. We also promote green technology initiatives for deploying IoT and other advanced technologies that contribute to GX, thereby supporting the ESG management of customers, which is becoming increasingly important.

Building a Circulating Society that Balances Resolving Environmental Issues with a Growing Economy

NTT Communications plans to convert the energy used at all its SDPF cloud/server service locations to renewable energy by the end of fiscal 2023 to achieve carbon neutrality for its internal SDPF cloud/servers. At the same time, we will continue developing GX solutions, such as the Green Program and Green Technology, while introducing new services, including support for business reform using carbon credits to help decarbonize society as a whole, encompassing corporate customers and their customers.
GX/ESG solutions will enhance customer brand value as a company that promotes sustainability, help customers establish sustainability contacts with consumers, and assist them in further improving their performance by strengthening customer loyalty. This will in turn lead to growth as a company, creating a virtuous circle for both addressing environmental issues and achieving economic growth.

Note: The content of this article is as of December 2022

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