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CASE of Re-connect X 03

ICT Environment Construction and Operation Solutions that Balance Safety and Convenience and Lead to a New Business Style

ICT Environment Construction and
Operation Solutions that Balance Safety
and Convenience and Lead to
a New Business Style

Balancing Security and DX

Cyber-attack exploits and unauthorized access are becoming more sophisticated and advanced every year, inflicting increasing damage regardless of the industry or size of the company. These threats are quickly attracting greater attention as social intercourse becomes more remote, and concerns about security in corporate communication environments are growing rapidly. At the same time, the explosion in online traffic, which can lead to a decline in productivity as an additional corporate challenge and radical change in the internal and external ICT environment, has become an urgent issue. Very few companies, however, maintain in-house network and security experts, and a total solution to the problem is required to secure a safe, comfortable communication environment.

8つのコンポーネントを統合したSASE(Secure Access Service Edge)ソリューションのイメージ

Supporting the Construction of a Safe, Comfortable ICT Environment Both In and Outside the Company

Since fiscal 2020, NTT Communications has been offering a comprehensive security network service that supports the ICT environment from grand design to operation for companies striving to establish a new business style that balances security and convenience.
SASE, the basis of this service, combines network and security architectures into an optimal cloud environment on a zero-trust basis to resolve communication issues that vary from company to company.
Integrating and providing a cloud service solution’s eight components related to networking, security, and management helps establish a safe, comfortable ICT environment both inside and outside a company.
The continuous updating of information security measures has become essential, but this is difficult for a single company to implement on its own. NTT Communications has developed the expertise and provided this service to over 150 companies in the two years since its launch. Starting with this solution, we are striving to build an ICT environment that guarantees comparable safety and comfort, both internally and externally.


Director of Solution Services Department, Business Solution Division  Seiji Shiro

Seiji Shiro
Director of Solution Services Department, Business Solution Division

In the wake of the widespread adoption of remote work, NTT Communications sees the next step as instilling a new workstyle throughout society, combining flexible working styles unrestricted by time and location and hybrid ones that allow people to choose between real and remote options depending on the specific characteristics of their responsibilities. Given the growing expectations for the expanded use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for business, we will establish a new business style leveraging the advantages of remote and office work while developing more secure and convenient services by integrating mobile services. A stronger communication environment also leads to reducing the burden on employees and enhancing their personal lives. We will continue to enhance and promote SASE solutions to realize the NTT Communications Group’s Re-connect X business vision for reconnecting consumers, businesses, and society as a whole. Since ICT is inextricably linked to security, we will strive to address society’s communication challenges to improve personal and social well-being.

Note: The content of this article is as of December 2022

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