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January 18, 2022

NTT Com Launches “SDPF Edge” Flat-rate Edge-computing Service with Integrated Operations

TOKYO, JAPAN, January 18, 2022—NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced today the immediate launch of “SDPF Edge,” an edge-computing service with integrated operations available for a flat monthly fee on NTT Com’s Smart Data Platform1 (SDPF).

Edge computing is a distributed-processing computing model that ensures real-time performance and reduces the amount of communication by placing data-processing servers close to devices and equipment on factory floors, etc. The new SDPF Edge service, which is targeted mainly at the manufacturing industry, enables producers to maintain quality control by processing huge amounts of production data and then make decisions faster and for less cost than ever before.

Image of edge computing
Image of edge computing

Features of SDPF Edge

  • Immediate control and decision-making:
    The service eliminates delays associated with using networks and thus allows data to be processed on a true real-time basis for immediate production control and decision-making like never before.
  • Reduced communication volume combined with massive data processing:
    Sending massive amounts of data from devices to the cloud can greatly increase communication volume and cost. SDPF Edge, however, lowers this cost by formatting and converting data for aggregation on the edge. Data is sent over networks only to alert users of abnormalities.
  • Integrated operation eliminates needs for special know-how or personnel:
    Edge computing decentralizes servers, which can increase the burdens of system maintenance and management. But SDPF Edge clients do not need to develop specialized operational know-how or personnel because NTT Com manages core operating tasks, such as dispatching technicians to client locations to work on servers, deploying sophisticated security measures for on-site servers, and dealing with troubles from remote sites.
  • Flat monthly fee allows for systematic investment:
    SDPF Edge is available for a fixed monthly fee so customers need not purchase servers, etc., which lowers initial investment costs and allows total investment to be matched to business development.
  • Optimized data use by linking with other SDPF services:
    SDPF Edge can be linked with other SDPF services, such as "SDPF Cloud/Server" to optimally combine real-time data processing and other data processing in targeted locations. Through such linkage, clients can receive total support for edge, networks, cloud and applications via NTT Com’s unique data platform, which enables data utilization to be optimized for specific needs.

Use cases

  • Quality control at manufacturing sites:
    Using an AI model developed in the cloud, SDPF Edge can immediately identify variations in product quality, allowing rapid decision-making based on massive data to ensure stable product quality.

Usage image
Usage image

  • Purchase-behavior analysis and self-checkout scan-error detection in retail stores:
    Retail stores can use SDPF Edge to analyze customer purchasing behavior based on real-time in-store data. Also, scanning errors can be detected when customers use self-checkout machines. Only necessary data, such behavioral analysis results, need be sent over networks, thereby reducing communication costs. In addition, customers can be notified immediately of self-scanning mistakes.

Usage image
Usage image

NTT Com offers three SDPF Edge pricing plans depending on the client’s CPU, memory capacity and storage2 needs. Please contact an NTT Com sales representative for more information.

Plan Server type CPUs Memory Storage(type) Monthly fee
(incl. tax)
Plan 1 Rack mount 32 core 128GB 3.84TB(SSD) 123,600 JPY
Plan 2 Rack mount 16 core 64GB 0.96TB(SSD) 85,100JPY
Plan 3 Box 8 core 32GB 1TB(HDD) 47,700JPY

Going forward, NTT Com will consider liking SDPF Edge mobile and fixed-line convergence services via 5G, as well as IoT solutions that combine cloud and edge computing. NTT Com is committed to providing diverse data-utilization solutions to support the digital-transformation initiatives of clients.

NTT DOCOMO, NTT Com, and NTT COMWARE have integrated their enterprise businesses as the new DOCOMO group and are developing a new brand, “docomo business”. With "Mobile Cloud First," we will innovate in society and industry, and challenge to "change worlds with you" with all our corporate clients and partners.

Based on the business vision "Re-connect X", NTT Com will define new values in the With/After COVID-19 through co-creation with clients and partners, "reconnect" society and industry with mobile and fixed-line convergence services and solutions, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable future.

*1: The Smart Data Platform enables users to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives with one-stop functions for data collection, storage, management and analysis, plus ICT infrastructure.

*2: The minimum contract period is 36 months. The number of CPUs, memory capacity and storage capacity for each plan can be customized as required. Please contact a sales representative regarding customized monthly fees.
SDPF Edge website

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NTT Communications solves global technology challenges by helping enterprises utilize managed IT-infrastructure solutions to overcome complexity and risk in their ICT environments. These solutions are backed by our worldwide infrastructure, including industry-leading, global tier-1 public and private networks reaching over 190 countries/regions, and more than 500,000m2 of the world's most advanced data center facilities. Now as the core provider of the DOCOMO group's enterprise-business services and solutions, we create value through global-scale support for structural changes in industry and society, new workstyles, and digital transformation in communities. Together with NTT Ltd., NTT Data, and NTT DOCOMO, we are the NTT Group. | Twitter@NTT Com | Facebook@NTT Com

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