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CASE of Re-connect X 05

CASE of Re-connect X 05

Submarine Cables Connecting
the World to the Future

Growing Importance as a Communications Infrastructure

Submarine cables bundling optical fibers are responsible for 99% of international data communications such as the Internet and international telephone calls. Submarine cables can provide high-capacity, high-speed communications far exceeding satellite communications and now stretch across the world’s oceans, with a total length of approximately 1.4 million km. The demand for data communications will clearly continue to increase worldwide, and plans are underway to strengthen submarine cables and lay new cables to meet demand. On the other hand, broken submarine cables can disrupt data communications, so managing the maintenance of existing cables is becoming increasingly important from the perspective of economic security, such as ensuring communications in the event of an emergency.

Growing Importance as a Communications Infrastructure

Promoting the Submarine Cable Business that Continues to Connect the World

NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation is a marine engineering company responsible for the installation and maintenance of submarine cables. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has installed 9,000 km of domestic submarine cables and nearly 30,000 km of international submarine cables, and it is responsible for the maintenance of all submarine cables owned by the NTT Group.
With the recent rapid increase in data communications worldwide, demand for new submarine cable installation and maintenance, including repair work, has been rising as well. NTT World Engineering Marine operates four dedicated vessels such as for cable-laying and is engaged in a wide range of businesses, from design and marine surveys to cable laying and burial, repair work, and disaster response. Currently, it is mainly engaged in laying cables between the mainland and remote islands in Japan as well as the remote islands of the Philippines. The installation of new cables in areas is an important social issue, not only in terms of closing the information gap but also for the preparation for large-scale disasters.
Maintenance management of submarine cables is a key task for supporting infrastructure indispensable to society. Although the service life of cables is approximately 25 years, regular inspections are essential in sensitive areas because the cables can be replaced due to deterioration over time or damaged by fishing nets or ship anchors, in addition to damage from typhoons and other factors.
Even as Wi-Fi, 5G, and eventually next-generation wireless communications arise, the role of cables running along the ocean floor will remain constant, playing an unsung role in the world’s data communications. NTT World Engineering Marine will continue to connect the world through submarine cables to contribute to building a sustainable society.

Passing on Technology that Supports Data Communications to the Next Generation

Taishi Marushima General Manager
Corporate Planning Department NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation (NTT WE MARINE)

Taishi Marushima
General Manager
Corporate Planning Department
NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation

Our submarine cable business is unique even within the NTT Group and can be viewed as a highly specialized venture. The main activities take place in the ocean, and unique knowledge and expertise are required to promote business, such as setting landing sites for submarine cables, designing installation routes based on an understanding of the seafloor topography, and negotiating installation and maintenance with fishing industry associations. In recent years, the social and economic importance of the submarine cable business has become even greater, although concerns have emerged over securing and training human resources and passing on the technology. We will widely promote the social significance and value of the submarine cable business, which connects the world and supports industrial development, as well as the satisfaction of our work. We will also support safe and secure communication infrastructure while looking to the future with a sense of mission and pride.

Note: The content of this article is as of December 2023

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