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CASE of Re-connect X 04

CASE of Re-connect X 04

Building an Inter-Company
Data Linkage Platform that
Contributes to Sustainability

Digital Transformation of the International Community to Achieve the SDGs for Social Issues

Concerns over the monopolistic operation of personal and corporate data by giant IT companies led to the launch of the Gaia-X concept in Europe in 2019 as a data linkage platform and public infrastructure. As a first step, the Catena-X data exchange network between automotive companies began operating in the fall of 2023. This alliance focuses on the safe and fair inter-company data linkage of environmental data based on European standards, to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the value chain and the circular economy in response to the global trend toward decarbonization. On the other hand, companies in Japan have insufficient mechanisms for aggregating data such as carbon footprints by product, and the legal system and data platform also lag behind, which may reduce international competitiveness and the corporate value of those companies from the perspective of ESG management.

Digital Transformation of the International Community to Achieve the SDGs for Social Issues

Supporting the Introduction and Use of a Data Linkage Platform between Companies

In light of the companies in Japan, mainly European subsidiaries, that are forced to take immediate action to disclose product-specific carbon footprint data and resource recycling data in compliance with new laws and regulations, NTT Communications has begun working with partner companies to establish a solution that supports the use of data linkage platforms such as Catena-X. We will provide total support, from preliminary consulting to actual connection and operation, including the generation of highly reliable data and the connection of internal systems with data linkage platforms, with specifications tailored for each company. To interconnect with Catena-X, it is essential to support EDC, software for authenticating and controlling communications between companies, and a standard data model. NTT Communications provides a platform that combines EDC with data management and security functions, and it supports the setup and operation of the platform to establish an environment for the safe and secure exchange of data with business partners using data space. The rules, standards, and methods of Gaia-X and Catena-X will be taken over by a new project, Manufacturing-X, which encompasses the entire manufacturing industry and may emerge as the new data communication standard in various industries. So that Japanese companies can easily, safely, and inexpensively take advantage of the latest communication technology, NTT Communications will promote the development of authentication and data linkage platforms in Japan that protect data sovereignty as a prerequisite for exchanging secure data between companies. Starting with the Catena-X, it will promote inter-company data sharing that helps to achieve the SDGs and its use throughout the international community while also developing next-generation network solutions for achieving carbon neutral society and addressing various social concerns.

Looking toward Decarbonization and Resource Recycling

Akira Sakaino Director
Innovation Center

Akira Sakaino
Innovation Center

In achieving decarbonization and resource recycling, it’s necessary to accurately grasp the volumes of CO2 and waste emitted from economic activities, disclose and share that information based on common global rules, and encourage reductions. To those ends, we join efforts that mobilize the power of industry, government, academia, and the public across the boundaries between companies and national borders, and we contribute to the diffusion of a digital communications infrastructure that enables the reliable and safe use of data.

Akihisa Kato Manager
Smart Industry
Smart World Business
Business Solution Division

Akihisa Kato
Smart Industry
Smart World Business
Business Solution Division

First, we will apply our initiatives related to Catena-X, which focus on environmental issues, as a foothold for demonstrating the value of globally connecting diverse business groups and industries and working together to protect the Earth.

Hideaki Niitsuma Manager
Smart Industry
Smart World Business
Business Solution Division

Hideaki Niitsuma
Smart Industry
Smart World Business
Business Solution Division

Going forward, it will be necessary not only to follow the lead of Europe but also to build a collaborative platform in Japan based on a concept similar to Catena-X. We will create an environment in which data infrastructure can be utilized from a comprehensive perspective, helping to bring happiness to a lot of people.

Note: The content of this article is as of December 2023

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