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CASE of Re-connect X 01

CASE of Re-connect X 01

Accelerated Problem-Solving through
Social Implementation of Node AI

AI Projects Face Many Challenges

With the accelerating deployment of AI across society, concerns over transparency and risk management are driving the need for the implementation of responsible AI, which is expected to be used is diverse fields, from marketing and business efficiency improvement to the handing down of technologies as well as predictive analysis. Its deployment, however, requires specialized knowledge and skills, and AI projects involving numerous stakeholders tend to be complex and complicated. Moreover, there is a long way to go before we can turn the finished AI model into a system and verify the results and risks, while training and securing AI human resources are also challenges. A lot of hurdles must therefore be overcome before AI can be widely implemented to solve social problems.

AI Projects Face Many Challenges

Solution for Streamlining AI Projects

Node AI is a no-code AI development tool developed by NTT Communications to streamline AI projects through collaboration. It allows the user to design an analytic flow by freely connecting cards on a browser and to easily create and execute a series of pipelines from pre-processing time-series data to learning and evaluating AI models.
Since AI analysis using Node AI is specialized for time-series data and can be useful for prediction, anomaly detection, causal analysis, and factor analysis, it is expected to be applied across a variety of industries and business fields. Project members will be able to access all information from a data analysis at any time, and the tool also facilitates discussions and the creation of reports. By visualizing the basis for AI decisions using patented technology, members can also freely discuss the process as needed and without creating a so-called “black box.” As a result, communication costs will be reduced while improving the overall efficiency of an AI project. AI models developed using Node AI can be easily linked through APIs with our proprietary tools, and models can be retrained with the provision of additional data.
While Node AI is essentially a development tool designed for the user, it also provides hands-on technical and usage support by data scientists as needed. We plan to implement an AI assistant as Node AI becomes increasingly user-friendly. Additionally, we will be able to quickly develop, apply, and continuously improve AI models through Node AI.

Toward a Future Where Everyone Uses AI

Keisuke Kiritoshi Product Manager Technology, Innovation Center

Keisuke Kiritoshi
Product Manager
Technology, Innovation Center

Myriad companies have recently been exploring the use of AI to solve various problems but have had limited success due to a shortage of AI human resources and expertise, which has been frustrating for me as an AI researcher. Under the circumstances, we decided to develop Node AI, with the hope of realizing a world where the users can take advantage of AI to solve those different problems. Until now, NTT Communications has been providing AI solutions by acting as an analyst to address issues faced by customers.
For AI to become more accessible in society, tools such as Node AI will be required as a means of enabling anyone to create AI models with minimal preparation. We will continue to refine Node AI as a solution, including support for developing human resources skilled in AI to assist in addressing all sorts of social concerns.

Note: The content of this article is as of December 2023

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