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Communication Engine COTOHA

Communication Engine
Virtual Assistant”

Communication Engine COTOHA

Japanese Semantic Analysis and Context Understanding

Utilizing the result of over 40 years NTT R&D Research including the world largest Japanese dictionaries, semantic analysis algorithms, etc.

Integration with External Systems

Integration with various external systems such as recommendation engine, RPA, existing in-house systems and many others through APIs enables the function enhancements.

Easy settings and tuning

In addition to the conventional flow setting, COTOHA® adopts a method that does not require complicated flow setting.

Escalation function

Customers will be escalated to the human operator when they are in trouble.

Security Enhancement with Closed-Network Connectivity

You can connect to COTOHA® Virtual Assistant via closed-network securely.


Service Overview
Features & Benefits
Use Cases

Utilizing NTT R&D research results in Natural Language Processing over 40 years, understanding human language with high accuracy. COTOHA® VA is an AI engine which does not only respond to simple inquiries, but also proceed business processes such as balance inquiries and invoicing by integrating with various external systems. Closed network connectivity is also available for more security.

COTOHA Service overview
COTOHA Service overview

COTOHA® Virtual Assistant with high level of communication capability and usability.

COTOHA Service over view
COTOHA Service over view
Japanese Semantic Analysis and Context Understanding
Capable to analyze not only the general syntax, but also the meaning of each word according to the context and understand customer's intents accurately. Customizable dictionaries are also available.
Japanese Semantic Analysis and Context Understanding
Easy Setting and Tuning
GUI based Scenario settings formats enables user to easily sets up scenario/process.
With extraction/classification functions and dialogue functions realize flexible conversation and speedy accuracy improvement.
Easy Setting and Tuning
Integration with External Systems
In cooperation with RPA, recommendation engine, analysis system, or other systems, users can execute the operation process consistently during dialogues.
Escalation Function
Equipped with escalation function to implement Human-AI hybrid operation.
Security Enhancement with Closed-Network Connectivity
You can connect to COTOHA® Virtual Assistant via closed-network securely from the enterprise network environment for more secured conversation.

Provides solutions and new customer experiences in various business scenes.

Use Case 1:
Implementing One to One marketing by conducting dialogue with customers
COTOHA® VA can resolve customer's inquiries regarding the services for 24 hours. It can also suggest the services and products which fit the customers guessing their preference from the conversation. It is also capable to arrange the most suitable conversations based on customer's characteristic by pulling up data from the past conversations. Such One to One Marketing realizes closer communication with customers.
Use Case 2:
Virtual Operator
Improving the support qualities by providing fast and appropriate information.
COTOHA® VA has been implemented at the contact center for inquiries responding. The unresolved inquiries will be shared to the operator and customer will be escalated to the human operator keeping the support qualities. In addition to the general inquiry responses, COTOHA® VA can also provide customized information based on customer's information, purchase history, etc. for the authenticated customers.
Virtual Operator
Use Case 3:
Virtual In-House Concierge
Completing office procedure can also be improved through dialogues.
COTOHA® VA can be also utilized to respond the inquiries such as guidance of internal system usage, company procedures regarding life events (marriage, birth, etc.) . Integrating COTOHA® VA with the existing systems and business SNS simplifies internal inquiry desk. By RPA integration, COTOHA® VA can complete business processes such as requesting password reset, making an order, time sheet input, etc.
Virtual In-House Concierge

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