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Procurement Activities

Thank you for your interest in our procurement information.

NTT Communications procures high-quality products at reasonable prices in a non-discriminatory and transparent manner, taking into account its business needs.

Here, we would like to offer information about procurement we are now announcing, procurement procedures, environmental activities relating to procurement and so on.

Tendering Information

We offer information we are now announcing.

Procurement Policies

We explain basic policy relating to our procurement.

Procurement Procedures

We explain procedures relating to our procurement.

Sustainability Procurement

We explain our commitment to sustainability in our procurement activities.

Supplier Reception

We are ready to receive inquiries relating to quality products from suppliers wishing to participate in our procurement at any time.

Contact about Procurement

We show contact points for procurement.

Joint use of information relating to procurement business partners

Please see here for information on joined use by NTT Group companies related to personal information and other information of business partners.

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