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Supplier Reception

NTT Communications is ready, at any time, to receive proposals on quality products from suppliers wishing to newly participate in procurement.

How to Make an Application

If you have such products, please fill in and submit or send by mail with the materials and your compamy profile to our contact offices.

Points to Consider When Introducing your Product

  1. NTT Communications procures only finished products, not semi-assembled products or parts. Decision regarding which parts are to be utilized for finished products will be made by the suppliers.
  2. In receiving documents from suppliers, we agree to maintain complete secrecy concerning patents and know-how, if necessary.
  3. We must mention that we will not be able to return the materials forwarded to us.

Procedure Steps

Introduction of Products We will receive product introductions from suppliers wishing to participate in our procurement.
(Technical Discussion) If necessary, we will provide technical information regarding our functional requirements. And if necessary, technical meetings may be held.
Reception of Proposal We will provide suppliers with information (including selection criteria) necessary for their proposals.
Selection We will evaluate applications and make a selection in accordance with criteria set forth in the provided information.
Contract/Purchase If we have not yet procured the proposed product or its equivalent, we will award a contract to the selected supplier.
Qualified Suppliers After the contract agreement, the selected supplier will be considered a Qualified Supplier for "Follow-on Purchase Process" Procedure. If the product has ever been procured, the selected supplier will be also considered a Qualified Supplier for "Follow-on Purchase Process" Procedure.

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