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May 31, 2022

NTT Com Launches global connectivity service to flexibly support worldwide deployment of IoT equipment

— IoT Connect Mobile® Type A —

TOKYO, JAPAN, May 31, 2022—NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT group, announced today its launch of IoT Connect Mobile® Type A, or ICM(A), a one-stop IoT connectivity service for mobile connectivity via SIM cards supported with a management platform and global IoT maintenance. The service, an expansion of NTT Com’s IoT connectivity service lineup, will flexibly respond to the diversified needs of clients that deploy equipment such as automobiles, construction or agricultural machinery, etc. in some 180 countries.

ICM(A) offers three key benefits, the first being linkage between customer-owned SM-SR2 and NTT Com’ line-management subscription manager devices (SM-DP) 1. The service enables customers to procure and preinstall their own SIMs prior to shipping equipment overseas, and then add profiles later based on the country of destination. Profiles for not only NTT Com but also those of network operators in other countries can be managed easily.

The second key benefit is centralized connectivity management via a multi-IMSI solution. When deploying IoT devices and equipment in countries with permanent roaming restrictions,3 collecting data via Japan-based connectivity services and remotely controlling certain equipment can be troublesome. But now, NTT Com, as an MVNO, is offering this multi-IMSI solution to makes it possible to communicate as a local SIM by writing the partner carrier's IMSI4 into the ICM(A) SIM and swapping it with the regular IMSI. NTT Com’s one-stop service manages connectivity worldwide, from contracting to line management and maintenance support, including in communications-regulated countries.

The third key benefit is the ability to use one SIM to measure total data amounts. SIMs in automobiles provide both telematics for collecting big data and infotainment for client purposes such as in-car Wi-Fi. This eliminates separate management and calculation of end-user communications on the part of the customer, making it easier to start an end-user business.

Going forward, NTT Com aims to respond flexibly to the increasingly complex needs of its global clients by providing total IoT solutions by expanding and enhancing functions for easy-to-use services in combination with the Smart Data Platform, including by becoming the market leader in helping clients to connect and manage large numbers of increasingly sophisticated IoT devices and equipment, which are expected to be sent across borders to operate in growing IoT markets. In the automotive, construction-machinery and agricultural-machinery industries, for example, companies export IoT equipment for use in other countries, which requires separate connectivity management in each country, thus creating needs to minimize and simplify cost management. In response, NTT Com has now expanded its IoT connectivity-support services to support these clients with the launch of ICM(A) in cooperation with Transatel, a subsidiary of NTT Ltd (please see appendix).

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1 Controls profile switching in eSIM or eUICC. SM-DP(Subscribe Manager Data Preparation)

2 Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM-SR) is a device that establishes secure communication between an eSIM/eUICC and a device that manages communication profiles and manages EIS (eUICC Information Set) information associated with physical eSIM/eUICC information.

3 Regulation that restricts international roaming communications to a certain period of time.

4 International mobile subscriber identity is a globally unique identifier for cell phone users. In the case of an eSIM environment, multiple profiles in a single physical eSIM/eUICC can result in multiple cell phone user identifiers.

Appendix: Transatel's Experience with eSIM Connectivity

Automobile Installations

Transatel provides flexible eSIM connectivity for all such offerings, including telematics, remote software/firmware updates, e-calls and in-car Wi-Fi. It has been deployed in connected cars of Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati in Europe.

Agricultural Machinery Introductions

Transatel provides reliable cellular connectivity solutions for smart farming applications, data collection from tractors, etc., even in rural areas.

Track Record in Aviation Industry

Transatel provides Airbus with secure cellular connectivity for predictive maintenance, transmitting critical data collected by sensors installed in Airbus aircraft worldwide via the customer’s open data platform for aviation.

NTT DOCOMO, NTT Com and NTT COMWARE have integrated their enterprise businesses under the new DOCOMO group and its “docomo business” brand. The group, guided by its Mobile Cloud First strategy, strives to deliver innovative solutions for society and industry through collaboration with enterprise clients and partners under the slogan “Changing worlds with you.”

NTT Com collaborates with clients and partners to co-create value, both for today and for post-COVID society, based on its Re-connect X business vision of reconnecting everything (“X”) in society and industry with mobile and fixed-line convergence services and solutions for a more sustainable world.

Under its Re-connect X business vision, NTT Com is contributing to a more sustainable future in the new-normal world by creating new value through ICT services and solutions that safely, securely and flexibly reconnect everything (“X”), including customers, businesses, society and more.

The Smart Data Platform enables enterprise customers to accelerate their digital transformations with one-stop functions for data collection, storage, management and analysis as well as infrastructure. Please visit:

About NTT Communications

NTT Communications solves global technology challenges by helping enterprises utilize managed IT-infrastructure solutions to overcome complexity and risk in their IT environments. These solutions are backed by our worldwide infrastructure, including industry-leading, global tier-1 public and private networks reaching over 190 countries/regions, and more than 500,000m2 of the world's most advanced data-center facilities. As the core provider of the DOCOMO group's enterprise-business services and solutions, we create value by providing global-scale support for restructuring in industry and society, new workstyles and digital transformation in communities. Together with NTT Ltd., NTT Data and NTT DOCOMO, we are the NTT Group. | Twitter@NTT Com | Facebook@NTT Com

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