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IoT Platform

A one-stop packaged service to solve our customers’ problems

IoT infrastructure will be provided by packaged, ready to go solution, including devices to data collecting/analysis software platform, giving customers a jump start in this technology.

A way to start using IoT with low initial cost

Customers will be able to start small with IoT, and scale up later in line and grow with their own business expansion.

Our services can be used with confidence all over the world

NTT Communications has deployed private networks and private cloud services  globally, offering the high security levels that only a communications carrier can deliver. We keep our customers’ data safe and  support their global business operations at the same time.


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Service Overview
Service features and benefits
Use cases

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which all sorts of physical objects have network connectivity, enabling them to be provided with sensors,for the purposes of collecting data. Currently gathering media attention, IoT technology is expected to produce innovations leading to widespread societal change.

The downside to this scenario is the potential for networked objects of all kinds to become prey to cyber-attacks. Specifically, cyber-attacks could stop the normal operations of critical infrastructure—systems that monitor and control equipment and machinery that support society, industry and the economy—leading to serious accidents and major damage.

NTT Communications will offer IoT Platform providing protection from such security risks. As a business, we will be working in partnership with our customers, helping to solve their business problems.


High Security

With an IoT Platform that offers direct connection to a private cloud instead of going via internet, at NTT Com our customers’ important data is in safe hands.  

A survey*1 has revealed that the number one obstacle preventing companies from introducing IoT is security measures, or in other words, concerns about information leaks and cyber-attacks. Therefore, NTT Com’s IoT Platform will be based on a closed connection that does not go through the internet, enabling device, personal and other data to be sent and received securely via private cloud.

By pairing this platform with our managed security service, NTT Com will enable customers to outsource the security measures for their IoT environments.

 IoT security menu, will also be steadily expanded.

Global coverage

Global Coverage

Leveraging NTT Com’s global package, we will provide powerful support for our customers’ global expansion.

NTT Com has subsidiaries and offices in over 110 cities in more than 40 countries/regions around the world, offering network services in more than 190 countries/regions, and running over 20 countries/regions data centers*2. Besides providing all-round support for our customers in Japan, we will also help them in their global roll-outs.

Responsive support

Responsive Support

When it comes to providing IoT solutions, NTT Com can be your reliable partner.

We provide a centralized one-stop contact point for applications and inquiries relating to the networks, cloud services and apps required by IoT solutions.

By combining our IoT Platform with our Global Management One™ service, we will gradually augment our line-up with packages that solve our customers’ problems in an ecosystem that includes our partner companies.

*1 From MM Research Institute, Ltd.’s Japanese-language news release of January 20, 2016, whose title translates as “Survey on the size of Japan’s IoT Market”
*2 As of March 2018

Case 1: Customer in the manufacturing industry making machinery and chemical products


Case 2: Transport-industry customer wanting to manage a fleet of vehicles


Case 3: Customer wanting to carry out remote maintenance on products


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