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NTT Communications' data center service "Nexcenter" provides colocation service that enables our customers to safely operate their critical ICT systems in our disaster-resistant and highly secure data centers.

Our data centers are directly connected to high-speed, low-latency networks which allows customers to seamlessly and flexibly connect to various cloud services, customers' sites, and etc., enabling smart operation and management of increasingly complex ICT environments. We protect your digital businesses and support DX strongly

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Remote Hands Service

Supporting customers with a wide selection of services


Standard status check service in the event of malfunction

We offer "Basic Remote Hands Service" as our standard service in the event of equipment’s failure or malfunction. We perform a basic procedure to identify and deal with the problem according to the maintenance manual submitted by the customer. This service will identify the problem in advance prior to you arrival at the site.


A wide selection of services for customers in distant locations

Proxy service is available with our "Advance Remote Hands Service". This service includes customer’s equipment operations, kitting, mounting, and escorting vendors arranged by customer at the site.


Regular and irregular tasks

Aside from the regular scheduled tasks, we also provide the irregular tasks and deal with the unscheduled sudden tasks and requests as well.


2 price plans to choose from that best suits your needs

Monthly plan, for regular specific tasks, and prepaid ticket plan are available. Prepaid plan is for customers who wishes to purchase tickets for necessary instances only. You can choose a plan that best suits your needs.

Service List

Services Items
Basic Remote Hands Indicator light status check
Power management (OFF/ON, plugging and unplugging of power cable, pressing the reset button)
Advanced Remote Hands LED status check
Regular/Irregular visual checking of equipments’ LED lights
Network cable replacement
Regular replacement of back up media and cleaning of equipment
Attending to vendors
Escorting vendors etc. to customer’s rack
Inventory management
Inventory of equipment installed in customer's rack
Parts replacement(HDD/SFP)
Replacing parts of the equipment (HDD・SFP module)
Equipment replacement/relocation
Replacing failed equipment, relocation to the assigned rack
Cabling and wiring inside the rack and/or through the adjacent racks
The data center operation team will perform the setup procedure, from receiving of equipment, inspection, mounting, labeling, initial set up, and cabling. We’ll have it assembled until the customer can operate remotely
Instruction guide/manual creation
Create and update the guide/manual of remote hands services on behalf

The available works vary by data center.

Aside from the proxy services offered, we also implement and support necessary tasks such as internal monitoring (walk-through on-site witnessing, etc.)

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