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NTT Communications' data center service "Nexcenter" provides colocation service that enables our customers to safely operate their critical ICT systems in our disaster-resistant and highly secure data centers.

Our data centers are directly connected to high-speed, low-latency networks which allows customers to seamlessly and flexibly connect to various cloud services, customers' sites, and etc., enabling smart operation and management of increasingly complex ICT environments. We protect your digital businesses and support DX strongly

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Tokyo 9 Data Center

Tokyo 9 data center is located in the heart of Tokyo and is accessible with various public transportations. Just 6km away from Tokyo station, you can also reach the site by foot when all means of transportation is down due to an accident or natural disaster.

Spacious Office space for BCP


We offer office for BCP, monitoring room and a spacious multi-purpose office rooms suitable for call centers.

Amenities (Atrium, private room, shower room and more)

We offer a wide variety of amenities in the building for your comfort.



Private room

Private room

Shower room

Shower room

General Specifications

Building Location Koto-ku, Tokyo
No. of stories 7 stories
2 penthouse floors
Structure Earthquake-resistant
Floor Floor load 1,000kg/㎡
Floor specification Raised floor
Height 500mm
Power Receiving Main/Reserve line
Receiving voltage 22,000V
Emergency generator Gas turbine engine
Driving time without refueling 48 hours
(external reserve fuel included)
UPS N+1configuration
Battery time 5 minutes
Cooling system Water cooling
Energy saving air conditioning system using thermal storage cold water tank
Fire protection Nitrogen gas extinguisher
High sensitivity smoke detectors
Security IC Card
Security gate
Cctv monitoring

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