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April 25, 2022

NTT Com security service will visualize & detect risks in factory control systems

Doesn’t interfere with production operations and costs just 60,000 yen/month

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 25, 2022—NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT group, announced today that it will launch a new cloud-based security service, the “OsecT” wide-angle professional service, to visualize and detect security risks in control systems supporting factory production lines, etc., mainly for small and midsized enterprises (SME), on April 25. NTT Com aims to capture a 10% share of the SME market for control-system security services by the end of the current fiscal year in March 2023.

OsecT's visualization function clarifies device connection configurations while the detection function recognizes any abnormality, enabling detected problems to be addressed immediately. By collecting, storing and analyzing control-system data in the cloud, the service is able to visualize device operating systems and connection configurations, and then detect anomalies such as unknown device connections or unnatural communication data rates. A dedicated portal site can be used to view visualization and detection status remotely.

Service Scope, Functions and Details

  • Low cost and easy to introduce
    Service subscription costs just 60,000 yen per month (66,000 yen with tax) for all necessary functions, including simplified reports adjusted to each customer’s needs based on preliminary discussion. Application is possible through an NTT Com sales representative or via the ICT Business Mall e-commerce site for corporate customers (Japanese only; see below). System sensors are provided preconfigured, so clients do not require special know-how or expertise and the system can be introduced easily.
  • Deployment does not interfere with production-line operations
    Since the client’s existing control system does not require reconfiguration, OsecT can be introduced without affecting production-line operations. Moreover, data collection, storage and analysis is not sourced from the control system but instead from existing data in system communication paths, so the control system CPU is not burdened with extra processing.
  • Reviews effectiveness of security measures and enables prompt responses to anomalies
    Visualization enables devices or communication paths that require more robust security to be identified for consideration of more effective measures. The detection function alerts clients to abnormalities in real time, enabling rapid responses.
  • Safe visualization and detection of confidential data without fear of leakage or eavesdropping
    Sensitive data, such as production-line control information, is excluded by sensors. The configuration1 of the communication network for uploading data to the cloud incorporates both IoT Connect Mobile® Type S,2 a mobile data-communication service for IoT, and the Flexible InterConnect3 service for data transmission within a closed network. Confidential data is encrypted for safe visualization and detection without fear of leaks to outside parties or eavesdropping.

Image of this service

Screen detecting connection of unknown device

The cost includes a startup fee of 250,000 yen (275,000 yen with tax), in addition to 60,000 yen (66,000 yen including tax) per month. To apply online (Japanese only): ICT Business Mall

Cyberattacks on the control systems of production lines and other operations have increased in recent years and can have a potentially significant impact on businesses. NTT Com began conducting verification tests4 in July 2021 to develop technology for enhanced control-system security. The new OsecT service will be offered mainly to SMEs, whose needs for security measures are expanding rapidly.

1 IoT Connect Mobile® Type S and Flexible InterConnect are included and do not require separate contracts or fees.

2 Mobile communication service for IoT utilizing eSIM and full MVNO infrastructure, available globally. Please visit (Japanese only):

3 Service for providing ICT resources with stable, secure connection to cloud services and data centers via high-bandwidth closed network. Please visit (Japanese only):

4 For more about the test (Japanese only):

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NTT DOCOMO, NTT Com, and NTT COMWARE have integrated their enterprise businesses as the new DOCOMO group and are developing a new brand, “docomo business”. With "Mobile Cloud First," we will innovate in society and industry, and challenge to "change worlds with you" with all our corporate clients and partners.

Based on the business vision "Re-connect X", NTT Com will define new values in the With/After COVID-19 through co-creation with clients and partners, "reconnect" society and industry with mobile and fixed-line convergence services and solutions, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable future.

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