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About NTT

With approximately 310,000 employees worldwide, NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) is one of the world's leading telecommunications carriers. It is chosen by as many as 88% of the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global Business Ranking "Fortune 500", an annual U.S. business magazine. We offer a wide range of services in Japan, from fixed-line and mobile phones to the Internet and system integration.

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Brief History of NTT Corporation

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation launched
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation privatized
NTT Corp. listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
NTT Data Communications System Corporation (now NTT DATA) launched
NTT Mobile Communications Network, Inc. (now NTT DOCOMO) launched
NTT DATA listed on TSE (1996: Changes to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
NTT DOCOMO listed on TSE
NTT Communications founded
Acquisition of Dimension Data
Establishment of NTT, Inc. under Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Consolidation of NTT Communications, Dimension Data, NTT Security, NTT Data, etc. under NTT, Inc. to strengthen global business
Consolidation of NTT Communications and NTT COMWARE under NTT DOCOMO

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation traces its roots back to 1869 when the telegraph was first introduced in Japan. NTT was originally established in 1952 as a government-owned corporation, and it was in 1985 that NTT was privatized. Since then, the company has been diversifying into new markets, forming new subsidiaries and developing leading-edge technologies.

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