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Tendering Information(RFP GP 2018-1001)

Equipment for Global IP Solution System

April 01, 2018
Senior Vice President
Procurement & Billing
NTT Communications Corporation

Announcement Regarding the Invitation for Proposals for
"Equipment for Global IP Solution System"

We invite product proposal as follows:

1.Name of the Invitation
to Proposal
Equipment for Global IP Solution System
2.Filing Number GP 2018-1001
3.Date of the Invitation to
April 01, 2018
4.Closing Date/Time of
5.Outline This procurement is for products NTT Communications sells to customers or uses in house and will be executed on customer order or on internal demand. Note that this is only a registration of products, not a promise to purchase them.
6.Contact Point Sourcing4, Procurement & Billing
2-3-1 Otemachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8019, Japan
Tel : +81-3-6701-2765
7.Places for reception of
application documents
Same places as specified in (6) above.
8.Inquires and provision of
further information
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Category and Classification

The category of the equipment proposed by an applicant for registration must be selected from

the registration categories shown below with reference to the examples in the table. invite product proposal as follows:

Large Classification Registration Category Signs
IP-NW device etc. Network security product ・Firewall
・Intrusion detection system (IDS)
・Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
・Unified threat management (UTM)
・Vulnerability assessment software
・Proxy gateway
・SSLVPN device
・Web application firewall (WAF)
Network virtualization product ・Software defined network product
・Network functions virtualization product
Router/switch product ・L2 switch
・L3 switch
Load balancer / bandwidth management device ・Link controller
・Web accelerator
・Load balancer (L4-7 switch)
・Network bandwidth management device
Wireless LAN product ・Wi-Fi access point
・Wi-Fi router
Server/storage device etc. Server product ・PC server
・IA server
・BLADE server
・UNIX server
・AIX server
・Fault tolerant computer
Server virtualization product ・Hyper visor
・Host type virtualization software
・Server virtualization environment management tool
Storage product ・Storage
・Tape library device
・Fiber channel switch
Storage virtualization product ・Software defined storage product
Integrated type infrastructure / platform ・Converged infrastructure product
・Hyper converged infrastructure product
・Integrated platform product
Software etc. Software *All types of software excluding "security related software"
・Application etc.
・Anti-virus software
・Server certificate
・Log analysis tool
・Mail encryption software
Facility related article IC authentication system/IC card ・RFID
・IC card reader/writer
・ID sheet
Biometric authentication system ・Fingerprint authentication system
・Palm print authentication
・Vein authentication
・Retinal authentication system
・Voice recognition
Transceiver (metal, optical) ・Optical transceiver module (SFP+, QSFP+, XFP, etc.)
・Ethernet transceiver
Cable/wiring related product ・Land cable
・In-house cable / Local cable
・LAN cable
・Wiring panel
・Wiring duct
・Optical wiring system product
・Distribution frame
・Closure/termination box
・Optical fiber fusion splicer
・Optical fiber identifier
Rack ・19-inch rack
・24-inch rack
Air conditioner ・Air conditioner
Power device ・UPS/battery
・AC/DC converter
・Power generator
Auxiliaries etc. ・Tool, jig
・Shelf, locker
・Lighting equipment
Video equipment etc. IP video distributor ・Broadcast camera, lighting, sound device, video editor, studio facility
・VOD/live/broadcast distribution encoder, decoder
・Broadcast control signal device, video monitoring device
・Equipment and software for license management, contents control, distribution history management, account management, authentication management, and/or account management
・STB/streaming device, video player
・Video playing application, dedicated browser, software
TV conference system ・TV conference system
・Audio device (speaker, microphone, etc.)
・TV tuner
・Video recorder, player
Video device ・TV set
・Large size display
・Video camera
・Surveillance camera
・Video recorder
Sound device etc. CTI/telephone call recorder ・CTI
・Telephone call recorder
・IVR (interactive voice response device)
・Media server
・SIP server
Telephone ・Land-line telephone
・Business phone
・Telephone conference
・Head set
Measuring instrument/testing instrument etc. Measuring instrument/Tester ・Measuring instrument
・Tester / Test equipment
・Protocol monitor
Terminal device etc. Fax machine/MFP/printer ・Fax machine
PC/tablet ・Desktop PC
・Laptop PC
・Tablet PC
・Thin client terminal
・POS terminal
Mobile communication device ・Cellphone/smartphone
・Mobile router (dongle)
・Mobile communication module
Data circuit-terminating equipment ・ONU/DSU/ONT/TA
・In-house media converter
Transmission switching equipment etc. Access ・Subscriber line transmitter
(Subscriber line accommodation device)
・Assembled type media converter
(1G assembled-type GMC, 10G assembled-type XGMC, FND optical MC)
Node ・Subscribe switch / Subscribe switching node
・Transit switch / Transit switching node
・Common channel shignaling switch
Link ・Subscriber line transmitter
(Subscriber line accommodation device)
・Relay (network) transmitter
・Leased line(dedicated line) service device
・Satellite communications device etc.

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