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May 23, 2022

360° Digital Archiving Solution "Beamo" for Virtual Education

~NTT Com and JAL Innovation Lab's efforts~

NTT Communications Corporation ("NTT Com") and JAL Innovation Lab ("JAL Innovation Lab"), an innovation organization of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. ("JAL"),※1 , have jointly conducted a demonstration project ("this demonstration") using "Beamo" , a solution that enables easy digital archiving of 3D images using commercially available 360° cameras and smartphones. The solution, "Beamo"※2, which enables easy digital archiving of 3D images using commercially available 360-degree cameras and smartphones, was demonstrated for use in aviation-related operations . Using "Beamo", we were able to easily create educational materials with a street view of the inside of an airplane, and confirmed the effectiveness of this demonstration together with flight attendants.

1. Background

NTT Com and JAL Innovation Lab are working on the "Lab Alliance," a value creation activity through open innovation that brings together the knowledge of both companies, and as part of the alliance, they are conducting a demonstration project to apply advanced technology to aviation-related operations.

2. Details of this demonstration

In this demonstration, we created educational materials for flight attendants in a short period of time by using "Beamo," which can create street views inside of an airplane, and used them for some flight attendant training programs on a trial basis.

"Beamo" is a solution for easy digital archiving of 3D images using commercially available 360° cameras and smartphones. No expensive specialized equipment is required, and the captured image data can be uploaded to the cloud to create a street view of the interior of the aircraft.

In addition, spatial tags are embedded in the airplane to provide information on equipment to be used during the flight and an explanation will be displayed by pressing the tag. This educational material is designed to enable flight attendants to acquire necessary information in advance such as information on the flow lines and facilities on board the airplane.

3. Results of this demonstration

Feedback included, "It's easy to see what I want to see and in the direction I want to see it," and "When I haven't been on a flight in a while, it's great to be able to use the 3D-View to reconfirm important equipment before the flight."

SAITO Masaru, Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Innovation Dept., Digital Innovation Division, Japan Airlines, comments

We have been collaborating with NTT Communications on a variety of technologies, and this was one of the most significant demonstrations we have conducted with them.

We look forward to continuing to work with NTT Communications to create value in the future.

4. Future

NTT Com will use the knowledge gained from this demonstration to contribute to customer DX in other fields and industries by creating an environment that enables customers to remotely experience on-site conditions and actual facilities.

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※1 JAL Innovation Lab is a center for "open innovation" activities that create new added value and businesses by leveraging knowledge from inside and outside the company. For a detailed introduction, please refer to the following website:

※2 Beamo is an enterprise-grade digital twin solution for mission-critical facilities and sites. We make it natural for you to capture your most critical assets, augment them with tribal knowledge and collaborate from anywhere. Beamo’s state-of-the-art hardware and software platform simplifies and accelerates this for all enterprises.

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