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June 18, 2021

NTT Communications Announces Establishment of Two New Departments, "Smart World Business" and "Global Business"

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group, announced today that it will establish two new departments to further promote its business vision “Re-connect X” 1, as detailed below. The new departments will both launch on July 1 (please see attached organization chart).

Smart World Business

NTT Com has been operating taskforces in seven fields2 and pursuing various initiatives3 to realize a smart world in which ICT is used to address diverse issues in modern society. The new Smart World Business department will provide ICT platforms for smart factories, smart education, smart cities and other fields. It also will strengthen related initiatives, such as standardization of functions across fields. Smart World Business will provide ICT platforms that enable safe and secure data utilization, accelerate co-creation with various partners in the industrial, academic and governmental sectors, and it will contribute to the digital transformation of industry and society.

Global Business

NTT Com has been offering support to Japanese enterprise customers for global expansion and business deployment. To enhance these activities, NTT Com will newly establish the Global Business department to strengthen strategic frameworks for global-solution business, strengthen collaboration with NTT Ltd. and other NTT Group companies, and expand the deployment of Japan-initiated global solutions, such as those for 5G, IoT, and smart cities.

1. This is the business vision that NTT Com has been pursuing since 2020. Under this vision, NTT Com is contributing to the realization of a sustainable future in a new-normal world by providing ICT services and solutions that "reconnect customers, businesses and society with new value" in a safe, secure and flexible manner.

2. The seven taskforces are the Smart Factory Taskforce, the Smart Education Taskforce, the Smart City Taskforce, the Smart Healthcare Taskforce, the Smart Mobility Taskforce, the Smart Customer Experience Taskforce, and the Smart Workstyle Taskforce.

3. Example of major initiative in "Smart World" domain:
NTT Com Demonstration Test to Link GAIA-X Platform's "IDS Connector" Technology and SDPF based on Data Trust®

About NTT Communications

NTT Communications solves the world's technology challenges by helping enterprises overcome complexity and risk in their ICT environments with managed IT infrastructure solutions. These solutions are backed by our worldwide infrastructure, including industry leading, global tier-1 public and private networks reaching over 190 countries/regions, and more than 500,000m2 of the world's most advanced data center facilities. Our global professional services teams provide consultation and architecture for the resiliency and security required for your business success, and our scale and global capabilities in technology world are unsurpassed. Combined with NTT Ltd., NTT Data, and NTT DOCOMO, we are NTT Group. | Twitter@NTT Com | Facebook@NTT Com | LinkedIn@NTT Com

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New Organizational Structure Effective April 1. 2020

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