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Joint Announcement
Internet Multifeed Co.
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
NTT Communications Corporation

June 1, 2011

Success of Industry's First High Speed 100 Gigabit Ethernet Joint Interoperability
Test at IX (Internet Exchange Point)

Internet Multifeed Co. (MF), largest IX*1 provider in Japan, announced today the success of industry’s first 100Gigabit Ethernet IX interoperability test conducted together with two largest ISPs in Japan, Internet Initiative Japan Inc.(IIJ) and NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com). 100 Gigabit Ethernet*2 provides ten times higher bandwidth than the 10 Gigabit Ethernet widely deployed today.

Based on the success of the test, not only the deployment of 100 Gigabit Ethernet service by IX is expected, but also deployment by the ISPs*3 and ICPs*4 is highly expected. This will enable Internet traffic to be exchanged in larger volume and higher speed which will contribute to the users of Internet to have smoother and more trustworthy network environment.

1. Background of the Joint Test
Internet traffic in Japan has been increasing every year not only in the ISP’s internal network but also with the traffic exchanged between the ISPs. Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are bundled to exchange high bandwidth traffic. Therefore interface with higher bandwidth was highly demanded. In June 2010, 100 Gigabit Ethernet was standardized and leading vendors has released the 100 Gigabit Ethernet products, but it was important to confirm the interoperability between different vendors’ products especially at an IX environment.

2. Test Details and Results
Test was conducted using routers, switches and packet generators provided by Brocade Communications Systems (Brocade), Cisco Systems (Cisco), Juniper Networks (Juniper) and Toyo Corporation, a vendor supplying packet generator by Spirent Communications.
MF, IIJ and NTT Com interconnected routers and switches capable of 100 Gigabit provided by Brocade, Cisco and Juniper and tested the interoperability of physical and network layer, interoperability with optical switch, routing exchange and redundant IX topology while exchanging 100 Gigabit traffic.
Based on the results of the test, it has been confirmed that 100 Gigabit Ethernet is ready to be deployed into IX environment in terms of both interoperability and performance.

3. Participants

  • MF provided the test environment and participated to the joint test to confirm the interoperability of 100 Gigabit Ethernet interface as an IX service provider.
  • IIJ and NTT Com participated to the joint test to confirm the interoperability of the 100 Gigabit Ethernet interface as an ISP which is a user of the IX service.
  • Brocade, Cisco, Juniper and Toyo Technica provided technical support during the joint test and grasped and analyzed the current situations regarding the interoperability.

4. Future Plans
MF will consider the service specification and pricing and aim to provide 100Gigabit Ethernet service by end of 2011. IIJ and NTT Com will consider deployment of 100Gigabit Ethernet to cope with the increasing traffic exchanged through the IX based on the test results.

(Test Bed Topology)

Test Bed Topology


*1 IX: Internet eXchange
A point where ISPs connect to exchange internet traffic.

*2 100Gigabit Ethernet:
Highest bandwidth of Ethernet interface. Capable of transmitting one Blu-ray disc (25GB) In 2 seconds. Standardized as IEEE802.3ba in June 2010.

*3 ISP: Internet Services Provider
An operator which provides Internet connectivity to its customers

*4 ICP: Internet Contents Provider
An operator which provides digital contents such as pictures, video, documents and audio to users through the Internet


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