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May 26, 2011

OCN ISP to Offer IPv6 Connection via FLET'S Hikari Next

TOKYO, JAPAN-NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced today that its OCN-brand Internet access service will begin supporting IPv6 for customers using FLET'S Hikari Next, a next-generation optical fiber broadband service of sister companies NTT East and West, from June 1. There will be no charge for switching from IPv4 to IPv6 connection via FLET's Hikari Next.

As part of ongoing efforts to strengthen IPv6 services for enterprise customers, NTT Com also will begin offering existing IPv6 services at the same prices as those charged for IPv4 services. In addition, IPv6 support will be offered for selected Ethernet services.

With OCN's IPv6 backbone, customers will benefit from the highly reliability and virtually unlimited addresses of IPv6, while continuing to enjoy the same high levels of stable and experienced management that OCN offers with its IPv4 services.

Services will support IPv6 connection using the PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) protocol via IPv6-supported FLET'S Hikari Next access lines.

The services that initially will provide IPv6 support are OCN Hikari Access FLET'S Hikari Next Supported Plan for business customers, excluding OCN Hikari Service (F) FLET'S Hikari Next Type, which will be available in July, and OCN Hikari with FLET'S and OCN Hikari FLET'S for individual customers. At startup, services will be available in Hokkaido, Miyagi, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Niigata, Yamanashi, Aichi, Osaka, Kagawa and Fukuoka prefectures. Expansion to other areas is planned.

For Super OCN IPv6 Dual Ether Access, Internet Connection Service for OCN Housing IPv6 Dual and OCN IPv6 Tunnel Connection Service, charges for IPv6 service will be reduced to the same level as IPv4 service charges.

IPv6 dual service will be offered for Super OCN Light Ether Access and Business OCN Burst Ether Access.

NTT Com will introduce a new IPv6 broadband router in July to enable IPv6 PPPoE connection, including to services other than FLET'S Hikari Next in the future. The adapter will be exhibited at Interop Tokyo 2011 at the Makuhari Messe exhibition complex near Tokyo from June 8 to 10.

NTT Com launched the world's first fully commercialized IPv6 Internet access, named OCN IPv6 Tunnel Connection Service, in Japan in 2001.

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NTT Communications provides a broad range of global networks, management solutions and IT services to customers worldwide. The company is renowned for reliable, high-quality security, hosting, voice, data and IP services, as well as expertise in managed networks and leadership in IPv6 transit technology. NTT Communications’ extensive infrastructure includes Arcstar™ Global IP-VPN and Global e-VLAN, as well as a Tier-1 IP backbone reaching more than 150 countries in partnership with major Internet service providers, and secure data centers in Asia, North America and Europe. NTT Communications is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, one of the world’s largest telecoms with listings on the Tokyo, London and New York stock exchanges. Please visit

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